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Here they are! The long awaited results of the Builders competition #10 or Stormjam!!
Make sure to check out the different games created by all these amazing game designers!

Something to keep in mind: The Stormjam was the first time builders were challenged to create a tower defense game – therefore we rewarded the builders who went out of their way to create experiences that match that game genre.
We went with the definition you can find here in the first paragraph.

It is no small feat to create such experience. The toughest challenge being designing a smooth and actually playable experience, without glitches / logic failures etc..

Congrats to the winners and thank you very much for your patience!!

TOP 1 – Tower no defense by Xummer – 5,000 $SAND

TOP 2 – Forest Defender by Kajoyjid 2,000 $SAND

TOP 3 – Algericas by Rexroach – 1,500 $SAND

TOP 4 – Oasis this is my home by GIO77DX – 750 $SAND

TOP 5 – 6 dangerous days by sououwo – 750 $SAND

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