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Sandstorm REWIND (May 9th – May 15th)

From Monday to Friday, we are hosting daily streams at 12 PM EST / 4 PM UTC on our platform!
Our goal is to feature the best metaverse builders, brands and communities in the web3 space.

Highlight of the week was without a doubt the 7th Builders contest Voting stream! Definitely check out the replay down below if you missed it (tuesday stream replay). You will be able to see all the amazing builds our community created, and discover who won!

Here’s a quick look at all the entries in the contest!

Else the week was packed with amazing shows! From Gamemaker / Voxedit tutorials w/ Gamedizzy to amazing guests such as MeebitsDAO and RooTroop, you’re definitely in for a treat!

Let’s take a more in depth look!

MONDAY May 9th

We started off the week with a gamemaker stream! Gamedizzy went over how to add randomization to your future TheSandbox experiences. If you want to improve your builder skills, you definitely want to check that replay out!

TUESDAY May 10th

Tuesday we hosted the big voting show!
The Builders contest #7 was held in partnership with LadyPixy: A team of builders partnered w/ TheSandbox creating metaverse assets and experiences!
The contest was about creating a “Lady of peace”, read all the details here. If you’re wondering who won the contest in the end, you definitely will want to check out the replay!
Oscom, Gamedizzy and Paisley of the Ladypixy team went over all the entries, and revealed the talented winners!


Wednesday we were very honoured to have MeebitsDAO on the show. Recently acquired by Yugalabs, holders have been able to regain the commercial rights over their assets and are planning to integrate more 3rd party apps and virtual worlds to their ecosystem!
If you’re curious to learn more about their next moves, go listen to the interview!


Thursday we had RootroopNFT come into our hub to chat about their fight w/ their enemies: the evil Roo bots & corporations.
Coming to the metaverse, the Roos are primed for big moves! During the stream, they shared the details about their updated roadmap and strategic partnerships!

FRIDAY May 13th

Finally, Gamedizzy was back on stream on Friday w/ another Gamemaker tutorial stream! He looked into action triggers and action sequences. It definitely was a very interesting stream, very useful for any aspiring builder!

And that was it for the week! Thanks for reading and checking out all the replays!
Have a great day

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