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Sandstorm REWIND (May 23rd – May 29th)

From Monday to Friday, we are hosting daily streams at 12 PM EST / 4 PM UTC on our platform!
Our goal is to feature the best metaverse builders, brands and communities in the web3 space.

Let’s take a look at what happened over the course of that week! We were especially excited about our *now partners* Sappy Seals and Pudgy Penguins and their arctic alliance!

TUESDAY May 24th

Is it just us or is it getting cold in here?
The Sappy seals and pudgy penguins have come on the show to talk about their future collaboration, work in Sandbox, and “alliance”!
Lost of exciting stuff, check out the replay if you are interested!


Wednesday we were back at it with Sharp who did a Sandbox Gaming stream! Always a pleasure to experience the games the community creates!

FRIDAY May 27th

Finally on Friday we ended the week with a great guest: Vech!
If you like vehicles, ships and more, this is the replay you want to watch! Their aim is to give people access to the best looking vehicles in the metaverse!