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Sandstorm REWIND (April 18th – April 24th)

From Monday to Friday we are hosting daily streams at 12 PM EST / 4 PM UTC on our platform! Our goal is to feature the best metaverse builders, brands and communities in the web3 space.

A big highlight of the week was the metaverse party we hosted in our Sandbox Social Hub!
With over 500 people logging into our social hub, where assets of 60+ builders of our community were showcased, the party was a huge success. We hereby want to thank tropix for the amazing performance!

check out the full replay here:

Let’s take a look at the rest of the week, because there were other very exciting shows! We especially were honoured to have Tools of rock and Graycraft on the show!

Monday april 18th

The week started off with a chill stream where Gamedizzy hang out with the Sandfam community. He discussed the metaverse party and had a good time in the Sandbox metaverse!

Tuesday april 19th

Tuesday, Gamedizzy has been back at it again with a new episode of the Building series! As a builder, those are the streams you won’t want to miss!

Wednesday april 20th

Wednesday we had ToolsOfRock on the show! Their plan is to bridge music events to the metaverse with their project! Sounds interesting? Well.. check it out!

Thursday april 21st

On Thursday we had a very special show! @GameDizzy made a live tutorial in The Sandbox Game Maker where he showed how to create enemy waves!

We hope to begin doing more Game Maker tutorials in the future! Being able to create a well functioning game is just as important as creating a beautiful asset in vox edit!

Friday April 22nd

Friday we were honoured to have Graycraft on the show!
This is a really cool project focused on making sure everyone has a vehicle or mech that works across multiple virtual worlds for holders.
The team joined us to tell us what they have in store for the metaverse and Sandbox specifically!

And that’s it for the week! Thanks for reading!

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