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Sandstorm REWIND (16th of May – 22nd of May)

From Monday to Friday, we are hosting daily streams at 12 PM EST / 4 PM UTC on our platform!
Our goal is to feature the best metaverse builders, brands and communities in the web3 space.

The highlight of the week featured the return of our partners from the Lady Pixy team! Since the first time they came on, a lot has changed for these Sandbox builders. Getting more assignments than ever before, the team has been rapidly growing! Learn more about their company in the VOD down below!

Else we were delighted to have King of Crypto, RFOX and Bubblegumkids come on the show and talk about their respective projects within The Sandbox and other metaverses!

MONDAY May 16th

The week started off with a new show concept: “Meet the builder”! This is where we take a look at what individuals within the Sandfam community are building! This time we took a look at the project “Kingdom of Sakaar” by King of crypto! Gamedizzy went through the experience in the gamemaker and was able to show our community what it takes to create an entire game within the Sandbox!

TUESDAY May 17th

On Tuesday we had the Builders Series once again!
Could it be that we used this special occasion to announce an upcoming show concept that will launch in the next few weeks? Who knows! The only way to find out is to watch the VODs!


Wednesday we were honored to have RFOX on the show! Their team has very recently launched their first metaverse project – RFOX VALT! Built around an entire VR experience, they are creating a virtual world centered around retail and entertainment! Definitely go check them out if that’s something that appeals to you!


Thursday we had the visit of the very unique bubblegumkids! Those kids are slowly invading the metaverse, starting off with the Sandbox: They are creating an entire experience + matching avatars for their 2D NFTs. Definitely a project to check out in the future!

FRIDAY May 20th

Finally on Friday: the return of Lady pixy!! Our good friends just dropped new collections on the Sandbox marketplace AND a new game experience featured in the Alpha season 3 of TheSandbox!! Huge news. Check out the VOD for the full update!

That was it for the week! Thanks for reading! be sure to check out all of our different replays!

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