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Sandstorm Builders Contest #11

And we are back with the 11th edition of the Sandstorm Builders contest, where the BEST builders in the SandStorm community compete against each other by creating exotic, fun and breathtaking designs!

On top of getting the opportunity to show off their talent, they are also fighting for huge prizes, made possible thanks to The Sandbox.

After a short excursion in the Gamemaker, it’s time to see who grinded VOXEDIT the most



You are the new artistic director of a music band and they are about to start their new tour! Their first show starts in 2 weeks, but they have no idea how to brand themselves..

YOUR TURN: Recreate how their performance would look like on stage!
Instruments, Artists (NO EXISTING IP), stage decoration, visual effects


  • Size of the asset submissions must be maximum 384 (horizontal) X 128 (vertical) X 128 (depth) voxels
  • The scene needs to be animated and last 8 secs mininimum
  • STRICT faces restriction at 5000 faces MAX. No room for negociation


Total prizepool: 5000 $SAND
+ TOP 3 get their assets minted on the Sandstorm collection on the official Sandbox marketplace

1st place
1500 $SAND

2nd place
1000 $SAND

3rd Place
750 $SAND

Spots 4 & 5:
500 $SAND

Spots 6-10:
100 $SAND each

Spots 11-20:
25 $SAND each

How to enter?

If you are a builder, here is what you need to do:

1. Join our discord and read up on the rules in the #builders-events channel
Discord link:

2. Fill out the submission form until the 29th of July 11:59 (UTC)

3. Make sure to read the rules multiple times

4. Don’t wait until the last minute to fill out the form, some requirements can take time


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