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Sandstorm Builder of the Week – VieVoxx

This week the Sandstorm team is very excited to showcase the works of Vievoxx. She discovered the Sandstorm community back in February when we held the properties contest. Since then, she has improved tremendously!
Vievoxx’s art has been able to convey the full extent of her imagination through her own magical world! Just looking at some of the creatures she has made is truly mesmerizing and transports you into another realm!

A word by VieVox

Hi, I'm Vie/VeVoxx!

It has been about 4 months now since I discovered Sandbox while trying to do my research about entering the metaverse community. Creating different kinds of art has always been a part of my hobby, along with trying to learn new tools to create them. I started by watching the basic tutorial videos and teaching myself to create voxel art. Along the way, I got to know people in the community through Discord and various streamers, and that made me get into Sandbox more.

I discovered Sandstorm after I watched one of GameDizzy's reruns where he was creating "Stormie", and by then, I started entering the builder's contests to further improve my skills in making voxel art.

I'm really thankful to have found Sandbox, Sandstorm, and their community. They continue to help me grow to be the artist that I am now. That said, I also hope to be one of these people who can be of help to someone else in turn and to continue to build more amazing voxel art in the future. 

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