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Sandstorm Builder of the Week – Nirvex

This week, we are happy to showcase nirvex!

After discovering Sandstorm through one of Gamedizzy’s stream, Nirvex has been an active member of our community.

He participated in multiple Sandstorm contests and was part of the very first SANDSTORM X SANDBOX drop! There, he created the black Sandstorm avatar you can see down below.

By creating assets, and being part of a small team of game designers, Nirvex is experimenting on all fronts of the creative processes! We at Sandstorm are very proud to have him in our community and are looking forward to his future as a metaverse builder.

Take a look at his works!

A word from Nirvex

Hi, my name is Nirvex. I’m a voxel artist, game designer and illustrator.

I learned about The Sandbox Game in Dec. 2021 and immediately saw the opportunities within the metaverse space. I started following streamers on Twitch and realized that I could also create content for the community using the free Voxedit and Gamemaker tools.

In the past few months, I have learned a lot and have enjoyed creating for this community. Additionnally, I have worked with small teams to complete two games, Funguy Family Dreamin’ (2nd place Tuschay GameJam winner) and MetaTron City.

I learned about Sandstorm through a @Gamedizzy twitch stream where I joined a few Voxedit building challenges. I was excited to be offered the opportunity to mint some of my assets under the 1st Builder Highlights Pack #1 Collection for Sandstorm. Most of all, I appreciate the connections with other like-minded people in this space and I’m looking forward to see what the future brings for all of us.

Thank you to all my metaverse family,


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