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SandStorm Builder of the Week – Briah1618

SandStorm’s goal is to give builders exposure. We want to help the most talented and dedicated builders by growing their brand, expanding their social media presence and helping them monetize their works.

Introducing: Builder of the Week

Our goal is to reward individual builders for their presence and dedication inside the SandStorm community.

The very first Builder of the Week is Briah1618. This amazing builder is currently the most followed on the SandStorm platform with an account high of 40 follows!

SandStorm profile:
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Check out Briah’s work below!

A word from Briah1618:

Hello, my name is Erik aka Briah1618. I’m a level designer and 3D artist.

My passion is developing good things, learning, growing and supporting each other. When I discovered the Sandbox on December 21, there was a game jam going on. I intuitively decided to take part and get to know the game maker and voxEedit in this jam. Blockchain games were also new to me, that’s how I saw many possibilities and a new world open up for me.

I came to SandStorm through a stream from @gamedizzy who raided Sandstormmeetup on twitch.
Shoutout to @gamedizzy: ” You’re doing a great job, keep it up! Baby!”

The SandStorm team is amazing, I find the support and the work they do very professional! For me, they are and will always be a part of my life. SandStorm has already done a lot for me. One of the greatest things was the first SandStorm collection that I had the privilege of being a part of.
Thank you guys!


Other works

We have given Briah the opportunity to create an asset in our very first SandStorm collection drop on the Sandbox marketplace:
Collection link:

The first SandStorm collection piece by Briah: The Vortex Storm Shield

He also participated in the fourth edition of the builders contest earlier this month. The contest’s theme was creating a new ancient god.
Briah’s entry:

Finally, thank you Briah for your positive attitude and support. We are looking forward to your next achievement and are blessed to have you in our community!

Maybe you will be the next builder’s contest winner!

Follow Briah1618 on his socials!

  • SandStorm profile:
  • Twitter link:
  • Website link:

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