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NEW PARTNER: Homie G’s – Promoting Diversity and Inclusion In The Metaverse

We’re excited to announce we’ve partnered with Home G’s and they’re coming to the social hub! A primary goal of SandStorm is to promote metaverse diversity and inclusion and this is a key goal of Homie G’s. Started in Los Angeles with a vision of creating art, promoting culture, and spreading web3 education across the globe to communities, they’re on an inspiring path.

The metaverse should always be open to everyone no matter their background or geography which is a key reason we focus so heavily on free educational content daily. Education is key to bringing new communities into the metaverse and we’re excited to partner with projects like Homie G’s who are as passionate about this as we are.

To learn about the full Homie G’s story be sure to watch the SandStorm stream we did with their team:

With 10,000 Homies being minted there will be a large community of users coming into the open metaverse. With detailed plans on their roadmap, Homie G’s are launching a Drop Store where they plan to sell wearables for each avatar. This is the first we’ve seen from a project rolling this out natively on their platform which is super exciting. To start with a 10k collection and then release a wearables store for the community to self-express via their avatar is brilliant.

Currently, the Homie G’s have their public mint going on where users can mint their own Homie for 0.05 ETH (with gas) making this a very approachable partner.

Over the next few weeks, you’ll see the Homies presence in the SandStorm social hub and we’re super excited to bring them back on the show soon for updates!

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