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Metaverse 101: What is MyMeta MMO

MyMetaverse is a company that creates and designs creator-led metaverse software. It incorporates play-to-earn into its games and encourages artists, video producers, and musicians to produce content and link NFTs to them. Players who buy these virtual assets can use them in virtual worlds to improve the virtual plots of land they own and display.

MyMetaverse is engaging its ecosystem by building NFT games. One such game is a 3D MMORPG game called MyMeta MMO. In this game, players can create communities of MetaBeings and use these characters for breeding, farming, mining, and fighting in a shared digital world.

Meanwhile, MyMetaverse is also concerned about the effects of carbon emissions on the physical environment. It invests 10% of its revenue in Carbon Credits from an organization that works to reduce the carbon in the earth’s atmosphere. Afterward, it gives off the Carbon Credits as an NFT called the Carbon Credit-Backed NFts. This system is an effort from MyMetaverse to keep the real and virtual worlds safe for everyone.

MyMetaverse did not hold a token presale or seek external funding for MyMeta MMO. Yet, it launched the game’s closed alpha in March 2022. Only holders of Governor NFTs can access the closed alpha. Governor NFTs (also called Governors of Infinity) are randomly generated assets that give holders voting rights over the decisions of MyMetaverse.

There are many more possibilities underway for this game. For instance, MyMeta MMO will be a metaverse platform like Decentraland and a role-playing game like World of Craft.

Features of MyMeta MMO

MyMetaverse offers players unique experiences and relies on community feedback to optimize these experiences in ways players love the most. This article will discuss five outstanding features of MyMeta MMO.

Instant linking

Instant linking gives players immediate access to MyMeta MMO, and they can start the game right away. First,players would have to login into Mymetaverse to access the game. Next, they would link their Enjin wallet to the Mymetaverse platform. By doing that, they allow the game to detect the Metaverse NFTs they own. It is noteworthy that players will only need to manually link their Enjin wallet with  Mymetaverse on their first visit to the platform. Subsequently, they can always access MyMeta MMO with a single click.

Play as a formless MetaBeings

Currently, players can only access the free-to-play version of MyMeta MMO, where there are species of MetaBeings called formless. These characters will help you interact and explore different worlds within the game ecosystem. Likewise, MetaBeings help you perform the tasks required to win the game or move to another level.

In the future, MyMeta MMO will release new species of MetaBeings. According to the team, some of the new characters can crossbreed to produce new NFT avatars. Moreover, each will possess unique attributes that help improve your gameplay.

Heads up, the new species of MyMeta MMO characters will have definite forms, unlike their predecessors. They come in as male, female, or as other kinds of creatures.

Travel across the worlds of MyMeta MMO

MyMetaverse plans to create a number of virtual worlds. However, it only released two worlds during MyMeta MMOs launch and allowed players to move freely across them.

The first world is the Isle of Awakening, a private space for every player. It is a paradise where you can build whatever you want. Therefore, when you’re not on any exploration, you can spend some time constructing.

The other world is known as Wrecked Elvendale. While the previous island (Isle of Awakening) is private, this one is more of an open world that offers players endless possibilities. If you are sociable, then you can make new metaverse friends and socialize with them.

At the same time, you can explore the terrain and environment of Wrecked Elvendale. But if that is quite boring for you, then be ready to go into danger to hunt and fight monsters. During your exploit, you will discover and gather resources that can serve your need in the private dwelling place of your avatar.

Building a digital world

Players do not need special skills to build structures in MyMeta MMO. Instead, some of the resources you gather while fighting monsters will be suitable for construction, and all you need is to imagine something, then build it.

You may consider building a home or some other structure that serves a more specific purpose. Perhaps you might need a base of operations where you can coordinate your activities or just an abstract art installation that will beautify your island.

MyMetaverse plans on releasing real estate NFTs in the future. These assets will enable players to build in the open world. But you won’t be building on a lone island. Instead, you can design virtual buildings along with friends and even enemies.

Meanwhile, MyMeta MMO developers are also working on features that will help players build healthy online businesses which they can establish on their virtual lands.

Go fishing, farming, and mining in MyMeta MMO

Your MetaBeing needs food and minerals to survive in the digital world. Similar to the real world, these resources are not readily available for free. Therefore, you need to work to obtain them just as we do on earth.

For instance, players can take their formless beings fishing or to the farm to work for and harvest food resources. Meanwhile, it would help if players also mined as you will discover rare minerals needed to build or enhance your digital home in MyMeta MMO. As much as you need wood for your construction, you will also need stones. So, you can mine some stones from a quarry.


While MyMeta MMO remains a closed game, its developers are working on launching its full version. This version will be an open alpha and a free game on multiple blockchains.

MyMetaverse is yet to give an official date for the open alpha launch. Nonetheless, MyMeta MMO is an evolving virtual world of multiple possibilities.