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We’ve Partnered With Luxury Fashion Avatar and Metaverse Builder – LADY PIXY

We’re excited to share that our newest partner is Lady Pixy the exclusive luxury fashion avatar and metaverse builder! On March 4th we had Lady Pixy on the stream to learn her story and over the next few months, we’ll have an incredible Lady Pixy theme in the social hub.

Lady Pixy is a game avatar NFT creator company founded in 2021 in Canada. Their vision is to design and create unique, elegant artistic game avatars collections exclusively. Players can own, play and customize Lady Pixy’s avatars in The Sandbox virtual world which is built on the Ethereum blockchain. Now with a team of 5 designers, 10 collections, and over 2,000 customers, Lady Pixy is changing metaverse fashion globally.

It has been a top priority for us at SandStorm to work with and support women building in the metaverse. The open and decentralized metaverse is for everyone and we’re going to do everything we can to make sure it remains open to everyone. We’ve begun architecting a fully immersive experience inside our featured social hub to showcase the awesome work by Lady Pixy’s team and can’t wait to share it with everyone.

Citizens of Wonderland by Lady Pixy

From the Lady Pixy homepage, you can view all the collections for sale directly on their platform which is extremely powerful. As of March 2022, the business of traditional fashion is more than big; it’s massive. With a global market value of $759.5 billion in 2021, apparel, accessories, and footwear are the number one e-commerce sector in the world. In the past we’ve discussed how this industry is making its moves into the metaverse so we are super excited to partner with pioneers such as Lady Pixy.

To learn about Lady Pixy’s story be sure to watch our full stream here:

We will be posting updates on Twitter as the build progresses and our team is super excited to show everyone the finished immersive experience. Our hope is through this partnership we’re able to bring more fashion companies into The Sandbox and the metaverse as a whole. Lady Pixy is on the cutting edge of metaverse fashion and brands need to start paying attention to builders like this.

If you’re new to the metaverse entirely we encourage everyone to check out our weekly streams and ultimately learn how to ENTER the metaverse. Once you’ve entered you’ll be able to walk around and learn about amazing builders like Lady Pixy in our social hub and elsewhere.

We highly recommend watching our tutorials available on our FAQ page if you have questions about how to enter the social hub from Sandbox’s game maker.

Also for readers interested in learning more about Lady Pixy check out their gallery here