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Luxury Brands in the Metaverse: Gucci Virtual Store

Gucci has made several efforts to enter the metaverse and have a footprint in the digital fashion industry. A collective term for the metaverse platforms and digital artworks of the brand is Gucci virtual store, also known as Gucci Vault.

Meanwhile, Gucci has also created NFT collections matching its fashion style. Moreover, its recent effort to expand its metaverse outreach is purchasing LAND on The Sandbox. This article will discuss the various efforts by Gucci to enter the metaverse industry.  

Gucci Vault

Vault is an experimental space created by Gucci to showcase the wonders of human creativity and explore the metaverse’s multidirectional digital realm. Consider some of the metaverse and NFT products in Vault:

  1. SuperGucci
  2. Vault Art Space
  3. 10KTF Gucci Grail

SuperGucci NFTs

The SuperGucci collection is the result of a partnership between Gucci and Superplastic. It is a limited-edition collection of 500 non-fungible tokens. As of this writing, the floor price of one SuperGucci is 1.4 ETH ($2100), and about 368 Ethereum addresses own the NFT.

After its launch, there was a snapshot of blockchain addresses that own the SuperGucci NFT. Owners of these addresses received an exclusive drop of SuperJanky ceramic sculpture. Italian ceramists made the sculptures, and they were delivered to the homes of winners.

Each SuperGucci NFT is a 3D image that displays in a 6-second video. Also, the collection incorporates the source code of the Gucci Aria collection. Moreover, there are different categories of SuperGuccis based on the item’s background.

These categories include:

  • SuperGucci Eye
  • SuperGucci Optical
  • SuperGucci Flash
  • SuperGucci Nature
  • SuperGucci Neon
  • SuperGucci Sky
  • SuperGucci Trip
  • SuperGucci Blossom, etc.   

Alessandro Michele, Gucci’s Creative Director, created the SuperGucci NFT collection alongside two synthetic artists (Janky and Guggiman).

Vault Art Space

The Vault Art Space is an online gallery and auction platform launched by Gucci in collaboration with SuperRare (an NFT marketplace). In this art gallery, collectors can explore and purchase artworks of selected artists in the form of NFTs.

The first NFT exhibition on the Vault Art Space is “The Next 100 Years of Gucci” collection. Twenty-nine artists, including traditional and crypto-art creators, designed the compelling artworks that make up this collection.

Meanwhile, the auction process for “The Next 100 Years of Gucci” collection began on the 23rd of June, 2021. The following are some of the NFTs in this collection:


Paul Almira, a digital illustrator from the Philippines, created this blinking bouquet. Courier is made of a giant bird with sparkling paws and a head of flower standing on two serpents. The starting price for the auction of Courier is 5 ETH.

A Black And White Illusion in Color

This moving picture is a mixture of black and white, continuously creating an unpredictable design pattern. Tim Maxwell, a visual artist, made the video NFT which sold for 3 ETH.


Gucci has a history of using green and red in its designs. Accordingly, Converse is a multidimensional sculpture created as a web of the two colors. It also sold for 3 ETH.

Welcome to your Rebirth

According to its creator, this artwork expresses “survirtualism.” Unlike cells, the human body does not replace its meaning and idea, which is what we can take into the future. The starting price for the auction of this piece is 5 ETH.  


Merijn and Jurriaan, the brothers who created this NFT, believe that we will be able to travel through emotions in the future. The bidding price for Gateways starts at 3 ETH.

Imminent Nostalgia

The past refugee life of AlienQueen inspired her to design this art. Imminent Nostalgia will serve as an expression of Gucci’s love in the next 100 years and beyond. After a third bid, it sold for 15 ETH on the 1st of August.  

Quantum Gucci

It is a quantum art and a reflection of reality. Therefore, Quantum Gucci comes into existence only when we see it and goes out of existence after that. The starting price for its auction is 10 ETH.  

Developers designed the auction process on Vault Art Space to ensure that these breath-taking artworks do not end up with bots but in the wallets of human NFT collectors.

When an artwork is open for sale, auction starts after a buyer places a bid. If there is a higher bid before the auction’s close, it will extend the deal by 15 minutes. Therefore, the NFT will be sold off if there is no subsequent bid within 15 minutes. 

You can view art collections on Vault Art Space as a whole using the “ROOM” view or individually using the “GRID” view. More so, the platform is a web 3.0 dApp. Thus, you need to connect a crypto wallet before placing a bid or buying an NFT.

Gucci Grail NFT collection

The 10KTF Gucci Grail collection was crafted out of creativity and curiosity. By working with Wagmi-san of 10KTF, Gucci created precious wonders of 4,300 NFTs. Wagmi-san is a renowned digital artist who creates PFPs for metaverse users in his 10KTF store.

Those who earned a Mint Pass to mint the original Gucci Grail collection were exclusive members of Gucci Vault and the 10KTF Discord communities. Likewise, these members were required to own one NFT belonging to the BAYC collection or any other 10KTF-supported NFT project.   

There are 4,300 NFTs in the 10KTF Gucci Grail collection. Currently, about 3,100 Ethereum addresses own these items. Also, up to 4,200 ETH have been traded for Gucci Grail NFTs at a floor price of 1.17 ETH ($1,900).  

Artworks in this collection are divided into multiple categories. Each category is unique in its properties, as well as each NFT.

These categories include:

  • Gucci Grail 0N1
  • Gucci Grail Wolf
  • Gucci Grail Mutant
  • Gucci Grail Ape
  • Gucci Grail WOW, etc.

Alongside the blockchain-based metaverse products, Gucci also owns a virtual garden on Roblox known as Gucci Town. Gucci is a significant stakeholder among the luxury brands working to make the metaverse a widespread reality.