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How to have fun with Blockchain Gaming

Blockchain games are video games that run on blockchain networks. These games incorporate elements and technologies that relate to cryptography. Also, blockchain games use a business model entirely different from the traditional gaming industry – play-to-earn.

To enter the blockchain gaming industry, a developer will include blockchain-based technologies in his new idea. Blockchain games always present three concepts: decentralization, asset ownership, and player rewards.

Decentralization is always a core feature in blockchain gaming because the main reason why we need the blockchain is to remove third-party interference in people’s transactions.

Similarly, asset ownership allows players to own whatever they buy within the game or win while playing. Accordingly, there is always a need for cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens.

Crypto and NFTs allow players to earn rewards when they play blockchain games. Due to a few factors, you might be confused as to the main reason why we have blockchain games. Also, some players might become uninterested after trying a few games.

This article will explain the central importance of blockchain games. In addition, you will understand how you can enjoy play-to-earn games.

Playing blockchain games the right way

Play for the fun

Have you ever seen ads about traditional games claiming to pay players real money? If you try these games, you may discover the ads are exaggerated or misleading. Unlike those ads, blockchain games are different.

“You can earn real money by playing a video game.” The fact in that statement might sound like a surprise, yet it is true. The only limitation to play-to-earn gaming is that they do not offer players a fortune. Instead, making money from play-to-earn games is as competitive as making money from a physical business.

Accordingly, when you plan to start playing blockchain games, avoid thinking you can make a quick fortune. What else should you know?

Blockchain games that are not free-to-play might cost you a lot of money. For example, a player must own three Axies before entering Axie Infinity’s arena. Unfortunately, you might need up to a thousand dollars (or more) since one Axie with valuable traits costs a minimum of 0.25 ETH.

While some games may claim to be free, players need to possess some assets before they can earn sustainable rewards. For instance, Town Star is a free blockchain game. However, players that own Towns and other NFTs to develop the towns have a higher advantage in earning periodic rewards.

Knowing and working with these facts about play-to-earn games will help you at the onset. Some players start playing blockchain games with the hope of making a lot of money.

However, the best motive is to play these games just for fun. If you can earn along the way, that is a welcome outcome. Consequently, it is essential to find satisfaction in the game before considering the reward.  

Use a suitable device

Traditional games require the proper devices. PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, etc., have gaming consoles. Also, there are always PC and mobile phone specifications for games that do not require a console.

In like manner, players need the proper devices to enjoy blockchain games. These games might be browser or web-based, or you might need to download their apps. Consider the following games and their device specifications:

  • Splinterlands: the game is available on web browsers for computers and mobile phones. Splinterlands also has an android app compatible with Android 4.4+ devices.
  • Town Star: it is a browser or web-based simulation game. Town Star is compatible with android, iOS, Windows, and MacOS devices.  
  • Crazy Defense Heroes: it has a mobile app for android and iOS phones. The android version is compatible with Android 5.1+ while the iOS version works on iPhone 12.0 and later devices.
  • Decentraland: This browser-based game currently does not support mobile devices. Meanwhile, the minimum system requirement to explore Decentraland is a computer with a Core i3 processor and 4GB RAM.   
  • Thetan Arena: a mobile game available for Android and iOS devices. Its required operating system is Android 4.4+ and iOS 10+ phones.
  • The Sandbox: similar to Decentraland, The Sandbox is a browser-based blockchain game that only supports computer systems.

Blockchain gamers can get the most out of their time by using devices that are suitable for the job.

Get involved in the communities of blockchain games

Every blockchain game seems to have a Discord or Telegram community. Moreover, they also have social media accounts to announce regular game updates. Updates like new game features (and how to use them), changes to the reward structure, and first-hand information about the sale of some gaming NFTs. 

Whenever you start to play a blockchain game, ensure you join the project community. Developers of blockchain games always structure their communities to encourage active participation. Also, community members can provide regular feedback on what to add or remove from the game. 

Further, some community members might attain notable roles based on their consistent activities or special NFTs they own. These roles might attract periodic rewards and token airdrops. 

In addition, new players who may have a few challenges with the game can seek help within the community. In some cases, communities even have sections for countries with many players. 

Concluding thoughts

There are various genres of blockchain games, including role-playing games (RPGs), shooter, action, fantasy, tower defense, and racing games.

When selecting the one to play, always choose the genre you enjoy the most. If you focus only on the rewards a game promises, you might not win any tournaments. On the other hand, by playing the game you enjoy, it will be easier to win and earn rewards. 

Blockchain games are “Games,” although you can earn by playing them. Therefore, do not over-invest in in-game NFTs, as you will not over-spend on an item in Call of Duty. Likewise, it is important to avoid buying gaming NFTs that you cannot afford. 

As earlier noted, players should enter the blockchain gaming industry for the fun of it. This mindset will help you avoid disappointment, and you won’t get caught in the hype.