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How to Earn in The Sandbox Alpha Season 3

On August 24, The Sandbox Alpha Season 3 started. But not to worry, the event is set to go on for 10 weeks. Therefore, get ready for a fun-filled summer in the immersive metaverse of The Sandbox.

The Sandbox Alpha Season 3 will feature more than 90 experiences, most of which are created by leading partners of The Sandbox. Nonetheless, this event is not just about the fun. It’s an opportunity to earn mouthwatering rewards in SAND tokens.

Like the previous Alpha seasons (seasons 1 and 2), players will face and complete quests and challenges to move to higher game levels and rank high on the leaderboard.

Since you know that The Sandbox Alpha Season 3 is in progress, let’s discuss what you can expect. Likewise, this article will explain the steps to enter the event and how you can earn SAND tokens and NFTs by playing games and experiences.

Getting Started with The Sandbox Alpha Season 3

Similar to The Sandbox metaverse, the Alpha Season 3 interface is only accessible on a PC. Once on The Sandbox website, connect a crypto wallet through the available options. Next, click “Play” to enter the game.

You might decide to buy a piece of LAND before playing. In The Sandbox Alpha Season 3, LAND owners can earn without an Alpha pass (details later).

Likewise, after clicking “Play,” you can also purchase an NFT avatar. By doing this, you are sure of earning rewards just like LAND owners. Meanwhile, The Sandbox also introduces a collection of 200 NFTs from popular IPs.

By purchasing one of these renowned NFTs, you can get the Collector Badge (also an NFT). This badge allows you to unlock a reward of 30 SAND. Additionally, the Collector Badge is an investment for future events in The Sandbox.

Some NFTs in the Alpha Season 3 drops include:

  • Atari’s Flying Horse
  • Care Bear’s Funshine Astronaut
  • Hajin’s Fox
  • Metazoo Spage Penguins
  • The Walking Dead’s Walker

The Sandbox Alpha Season 3 Gameplay

The first page you will see when you click “Play” will provide icons like “Change your avatar” and “Social events of the day.” Your full EP (Ethos Points) and raffle tickets are at the top-right of this page.

Also, you can download the Alpha app from this page and install it on your computer. The app (or client) is essential since Alpha is not a browser-based platform.

At the center of this page are different experiences you can explore by clicking them. Meanwhile, it would help if you start from the Alpha Lobby. To enter the Lobby, click the blue icon that says “START HERE” among the experiences. 

The gameplay in the Alpha Lobby is quite simple. Your task is to collect Rabbid’s Golden Plungers scattered around the Lobby. There are 35 plungers which you collect by walking through them. After completing this task, you will receive 1 Ethos Point.

Around the Lobby, some entities provide hints and invite you to play other Alpha games. Press “E” on your keyboard to speak with the entities. After that, you may join whatever quests they invite you to play or follow directions and clues they give.

While players earn more EP for completing quests, you can also receive points by speaking and exploring other games. You need 20 EP to move from Level 1 to Level 2. Remember, your quests become more complex as your level increases.

Game Controls

The Sandbox Alpha Season 3 does not require special game controllers. Instead, you can control the game using your mouse and keyboard. The following are the game controls:

1.      WASD (QWERTY Keyboard): to move around within games

2.      ZQSD (AZERTY Keyboard): to move around within games

3.      Spacebar: to jump up or down

4.      N: to get the list of NFTs available

5.      O: to change game settings

Reward Structure Alpha Season 3

The guaranteed way to earn in The Sandbox Alpha Season 3 is by owning NFTs and an Alpha Pass.

Owning Non-fungible Tokens

The Sandbox has set aside SAND tokens for Alpha players that own its NFTs. There is a maximum reward you may claim for holding the following NFTs:

  1. The Sandbox LAND: 180 SAND
  2. Avatar: 60 SAND
  3. NFT Drops: 30 SAND

As player progress to higher levels, they gather Ethos Points and unlock SAND tokens after achieving the required threshold.   

Alpha Pass

The Sandbox has set aside 1.5 million SAND coins to reward players on the leaderboard. How can you earn a share?

The leaderboard is a rank of players with the highest Ethos Points (EP). This article has earlier explained how to gather EP. However, players should also be time conscious because they need to accumulate points faster.

The following are rewards for players from rank 1 to 5,000 at the end of Alpha Season 3:

  • RANK 1 – 30,000 SAND
  • 2 to 10 – 5,000 SAND
  • 11 to 200 – 1,500 SAND
  • 201 to 1000 – 750 SAND
  • 1,000 to 5000 – 60 SAND

EP also allows you to unlock raffle tickets. With more raffle tickets, you get a chance to win raffle rewards. So, start gathering those points!

When you purchase tickets with your EP, you can unlock boxes that may contain an Alpha Pass. Players who get a Pass can also unlock the Community Booster for more winning chances.

In addition, The Sandbox Alpha Season 3 will feature daily challenges. These challenges might be in-game or on social media. Regardless, there will be exciting incentives and giveaways. Although players can enjoy Alpha experiences as anonymously, The Sandbox requires that players complete the KYC verification before they can withdraw.

Will there be an Alpha Season 4?

The Sandbox Alpha Season 3 has just begun! Accordingly, the team has not stated whether it will launch the fourth season for this annual event.

However, The Sandbox stated that those with the Collector Badge from Alpha Season 3 would receive extra raffle tickets to win an Alpha Pass in the upcoming season.

Final Thoughts

The Sandbox fans, community members, and blockchain gamers can find a fit in this ongoing event. The experiences are tested and scrutinized to ensure they are fit for public play.

Finally, regardless of the rewards, the most important thing is your participation because The Sandbox is a leading builder of the metaverse.