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Decentraland Petaverse: How to Play with Pets in the Metaverse

Petaverse is a virtual park in Decentraland metaverse where your pets can play around and have fun. As time passes, the metaverse will continue to improve, further creating a thin difference between the physical and virtual worlds.

People can feel more comfortable with life in the metaverse with the things and people they love around them. So, Petaverse is banking on this idea and has created a pet park where people and pets can be together as in the real world.

Moreover, Petaverse plans to introduce benefits for the real pets of its users. This plan implies that having a metaverse companion can benefit your physical pet, which you love most.   

This article will discuss the details of the Petaverse metaverse and how to play with IRL (In real life) pets in the metaverse. Above all, you will understand what benefits the virtual pet offers to the real one.

Into the Petaverse Park

Petaverse Park started as a pet-only arena in 2021. Back then, it was just a bunch of backpacks carrying pets from one destination to another. Today, Petaverse is a full-blown Decentraland experience with multiple features like gardens, shops, and a club.

Despite other activities in this park, the most significant of them is the Petaverse Care Game. The care game is like a play-to-earn game but does not offer real money rewards. Instead, you can use the incentives from this game to claim wearables or upgrade your pets.

A live puppy or cat needs daily care, and its owner is always happy to feed and breed it. Similarly, the Petaverse Care Game is all about taking care of virtual pets and is free for everyone to play.

When you enter the Care Game section of Petaverse on any day, you will meet five cute dogs or cats requiring food and cleanup. You can go around the park to hunt for food and other items needed to complete the task. After that, Petaverse will reward you with “Bones” for your troubles.

The next thing is to take the Bones to Petaverse’s vending machine and claim whatever rewards the machine offers. Petaverse will record the time it takes you to finish this daily task on its leaderboard. The top-ten players are eligible to claim special rewards (called Bone-us). So, it is best to hasten up and feed the pets as fast as possible.

As said, the Petaverse Care Game is free-to-play. Yet, players that own MetaPaws (virtual pets) or wearables can earn Bones faster than others. In addition, MetaPaw owners can use their Bones to claim more than digital garments. They can exchange bones for an upgrade to the look and quality of their MetaPaws.

Who Created Petaverse?

Magdalena Galarraga, Nacho Galarraga, and Guillaume Chich from Cominted Labs created the Petaverse Park. Initially, it was only an arena for wearables and computer-generated pets.

Later, the team submitted a proposal to Decentraland DAO and received a grant. This funding helped them to redesign Petaverse Park into what it is today. 

The Petaverse team is also at work to achieve one of the long-term goals of the metaverse industry – interoperability. Just as we take physical pets with us when traveling or going for recreation. Soon, MetaPaw owners can bring their pets to other metaverse platforms.

Bringing IRL pets to Petaverse

Before entering a metaverse platform, it is a norm to customize an avatar that will represent you. Although an avatar might not have your face, it still means your presence.

Likewise, virtual pets don’t just appear as if they were from nowhere. It would also make more sense if people had virtual pets that look just like the real ones. Therefore, Petaverse allows you to customize your virtual companion like the one in your home.

Petaverse refers to virtual pets as MetaPaws. Like most items on Decentraland, MetaPaws are non-fungible tokens (NFTs). So, you will need a crypto wallet to keep your metaverse companion safe.

To own a MetaPaw, you must submit a request to the Petaverse team. Although you won’t be creating it, you can be sure that Petaverse will deliver the best virtual version of your cute pet.

When requesting a MetaPaw, you will provide necessary details like the type of pet (Dog or Cat). Also, its name, breed, and size are essential information. Finally, upload cute pictures of your IRL dog or cat to complete your request. Petaverse will then deliver a unique 3D version of your breathing pet to your wallet within two weeks.

Adopting live pets is an act of kindness in a cruel world. Therefore, those who do not own an IRL pet can also adopt MetaPaws by submitting a request. You only need to state the name you want it to bear and the breed you prefer.

Currently, Petaverse is only creating MetaPaws of pets that are dogs or cats. After completing its genesis collection, the team might begin creating MetaPaws of other animals.

Real benefits of virtual pets

Petaverse has goals beyond the virtual space of Decentraland. Apart from creating interoperable pets, Petaverse claims it is looking to provide tangible benefits for the physical version of your pet.

Of course, a live cat has no use for the wearables you claim in the Care Game or the upgrades you make to MetaPaws. Accordingly, Petaverse will be expanding the reward it offers to real money. 

The team has shown no intention of introducing cryptocurrency rewards. However, Guillaume Chich stated that MetaPaw owners might have access to cash discounts on pet foods in the future.

Also, Petaverse might partner with companies producing pet accessories in the future. By doing that, the metaverse platform can reward MetaPaw owners with free or discounted pet supplies for using Petaverse Park.