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Best job sites for hiring builders in the metaverse

The metaverse would be a virtual graveyard without builders. These creators have built different experiences, making the metaverse bubble with activities. 

However, finding builders for your virtual platform or experiences is not always easy. Thus metaverse builder job site provides services that help builders easily find and connect with brands needing their skills. Sandstorm gives you a sneak peek of these sites and what they offer.

The Sandstorm platform is the largest community of metaverse builders. Although Sandstorm’s primary focus is not recruiting builders, it does connect builders to brands.

Being part of a community of builders make it easy for you to bid for metaverse building proposals. Also, you can gain further recognition when you demonstrate your building skill by winning contests. In the long run, you can be one of Sandstorm’s verified metaverse builders and have first-hand participation in building proposed experiences. 

Sandstorm partners with recognized metaverse platforms like Decentraland, The Sandbox, TCG world, Immersed, and Space. The goal is to help brands build immersive experiences in decentralized metaverse platforms.

This web platform works by connecting builders and brands. These groups can work together to build the metaverse and contribute towards its future growth. 

This online job platform shares its vast knowledge with its clients. Ultimately providing them with resources that help them find a fulfilling role within the crypto space. While several builders rely on it to get jobs, brands can also trust them to grow their team. has existed for about five years. Also, millions of visitors from over 200 territories visit the site, and it has posted over ten thousand job opportunities for brands and start-ups.

Metaverse builders looking forward to creating a career path within the metaverse space can look to Accenture. Similarly, brands recognize the company as a global business leader. 

Julie Sweet is its founder and CEO. While she assumed the role of CEO in 2019, she later became the chair in 2021.

So far, Accenture has carved a niche for itself across over 50 countries and 200 cities. To further demonstrate its passion for web3, Accenture owns the Nth floor experience in the metaverse – a customized virtual space that brings together Accenture global workforce.

Builders can register for job alerts at Accenture and apply for opportunities relevant to their skills.


This is an online job recruitment platform trusted by over 10 thousand recruitment teams across 135 countries. Manatal is technologically oriented. Hence it uses AI software to improve the recruitment process. This AI software sources the right candidate and speeds up the hiring process.

The Manatal AI engine carries out this hiring process by matching recommendations. It facilitates the job screening process by matching only the profile of suitable candidates with job offers. After that, it matches the candidate’s profile with LinkedIn and other social media.

In addition, Manatal serves as a one-stop shop for HR teams, headhunters, and recruitment agencies. You can register with Manatal within two minutes without paying any fees.

Moreover, you can customize your recruitment pipeline using a sleek drag-and-drop interface. A single board overview allows you to see your entire recruitment progresses.

Pluo is another platform where builders can discover the best jobs for augmented or virtual reality, asset building, web 3.0, and more. The platform collaborates with famous tech companies such as Unity, OpenSea, Solana, Oculus, and others.

Although brands and builders can easily navigate the site, builders have access to a tool that instantly makes things easier: an intelligent search button that finds relevant jobs. 

To use, create a profile, and begin applying. Pluo is a free tool to search and apply for multiple metaverse jobs simultaneously. And with your profile, you can track your applications.

This is a metaverse recruitment website founded in Lagos, Nigeria. It regularly posts metaverse jobs which allow you to work in person or remotely.

To begin with, users must create an account and a profile on the site. Turning on the job notification from the settings of your account will allow you to receive new metaverse job alerts. Location is not a barrier to most offers posted on Zip Recruiter, as you can complete the metaverse projects from home.

It is also possible for users to assess the salary structure of a job posting before applying, and they may negotiate a reasonable salary with potential employers.


LinkedIn is the largest professional network available on the internet. Therefore, it is a vast space where builders with brands can connect. You can access LinkedIn using either a desktop browser or a mobile one.

Completing a LinkedIn profile where everyone can view your professional history,  a list of your skills, and relevant qualifications can allow you to connect with your target audience. 

To be connected to LinkedIn, the first step that users must take is to create a profile. You must add your building experience to your profile. Your experience will summarise how much value you can deliver to a potential employer or recruiter.

Next, you must build your network to include top or new metaverse builders, metaverse brands, metaverse news firms, and recruitment agencies. This class of people will help you have a bird’s eye view of events in your industrial field.

Sandstorm connects brands with builders

Do you plan on building a metaverse experience. We have a team of professionals to help you achieve that. Register as a brand with Sandstorm and tell us what you need to build. One of our staff will follow up with your request. Similarly, builders can start their careers with us by creating a Builder account.   

Closing thoughts

The article discussed some of the best job sites for hiring metaverse builders. Not only do these websites provide opportunities for builders to earn a living, but they also contribute to the development of the metaverse. Metaverse builders can leverage these sites to connect with brands offering one-time or full-time roles in the metaverse industry.