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Hiring metaverse creators: Where to start the process

Metaverse creators are skillful artists and developers that create virtual experiences and metaverse gaming platforms. No doubt, every metaverse company needs a team of professionals to produce immersive virtual content. 

But a lot is involved in choosing the right creators to join your team or the best creators to build a virtual experience. If you are considering hiring metaverse creators and are unsure where to start, continue reading this article to find suitable answers. 

Before hiring metaverse creators 

You may need to use multiple tools or software when building a project. Therefore, you may hire multiple creators for one project, especially if the project is more than one scene. So, before hiring creators, you need to do the following: 

Define the project: what do you want to build in the metaverse? Is it a game, an immersive experience in open virtual worlds, a simple scene, or animated metaverse assets? In fact, your project could be a temporary metaverse event. The important thing is that you must be sure of what you are building before considering who to hire

Find the right tools for the project: When you are sure what to build, you can research the tools that will help you achieve the perfect result. All 3D software does not have the same features. Thus, they can’t achieve the same results, and you need to be sure if Blender is best suited for what you are creating or Unity or others. 

Create a plan: have a plan that includes the number of creators you will need for the project. For instance, you might need two 3D artists, one 3D sculptor, and one software developer.

Have a budget: a reasonable budget will go a long way to help your project. Remember that experts like to charge fees based on how skillful they are and how much time they’ll spend on the job. So, don’t make your budget too tight.

Set a deadline: a deadline will help the creators you hire to deliver the job quickly. In doing this, try to be specific. You can do that by giving a particular date on the calendar. Also, you may ask the creator how long the job will take them. If their timeline conforms with your plan, go with it.

Requirements for hiring metaverse creators

The top consideration at this stage are skills needed to operate the tools you will use for a project. You can find information about this on the website of those tools. Consider some of them: 

Blender: metaverse creators should be familiar with Blender and its features. Also, using Blender might require good knowledge of Python scripting, animation, UV Unwrapping, etc. 

Unity: this tool supports scripting in C#. So, if you need Unity for a metaverse project, you may want to look for creators with this skill. 

Decentraland SDK: this also supports the Python programming language. While creators might not do much with Decentraland SDK, they must understand its interface. 

Ethereum: if a metaverse project runs on the Ethereum blockchain, you may need creators or a developer who understands Solidity. Solidity is the programming language for creating Ethereum smart contracts. So, you will hire a blockchain developer or look for an artist with experience in Solidity. 

Personal skills to look for in a metaverse creator 

Trend following: the metaverse is a growing industry with trends that come and go. Following the trend increases the chance that your project will be successful. Accordingly, hire metaverse creators that are up-to-date about current happenings in virtual worlds or about the kind of experiences that people are mainly visiting. 

Excellent communication skills: creators must be able to communicate fluently with you and others in the team. It is easy to discover a person’s communication skills during interviews. So, look out for that. 

Problem-solving: problem-solving deals with how well creators can manage problems that may arise during the project. It also relates to the level of experience and creativity of a metaverse builder. 

Time management: creators should be efficient with time, so the project doesn’t lag behind schedule. An easy way to find such metaverse creators is to check the reviews of their past clients, if available. 

Where you can find creators available for hire

Social media is one of the best places to find metaverse creators. Here is how to find creators on the following platforms: 


A straightforward way of searching for metaverse creators on LinkedIn is by searching for keywords like #metaversecreator, #metaversebuilder, etc. 

Most people use hashtags that are related to their profession in LinkedIn posts. Thus, when you search for such keywords, you will find artists through their posts. 


A metaverse builder will most likely post his works on Twitter. However, as an employer, you don’t have to look for creators on Twitter. They will look for you. 

So, you only need to tweet a job advert stating the kind of builders you need. Remember also to use related hashtags so that everyone can find your tweet. 


You could use social media for advertising a vacancy or even job sites. Yet, the hiring process might be tiring because many people will respond to your message. Fine-tuning this crowd is not an easy job. 

Why not use the more straightforward route? At Sandstorm, we boast over 2,000 verified metaverse creators that can deliver your project perfectly. To allow us to lift the burden of looking for professional creators, sign up as a Brand and tell us what you want to build. One of our staff will contact you with the details needed to complete your project. 

Building in the metaverse is a task on its own. So, hiring metaverse creators should not be added to that task. Sandstorm can help you simplify the hiring process and make your metaverse project successful.