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7 Awesome Blockchain Gaming Blogs to Follow in 2022

Blockchain gaming blogs have contributed immensely to the gaming industry. In what sense? Readers rely on the information and data from their articles.

In turn, the blogs provide factual information that can benefit new or pro blockchain gamers and crypto enthusiasts in general. Also, investors may use some of the information they read from these blogs to determine which blockchain games are worthy of investment.

This article will review seven blockchain gaming blogs, their owners (if known), and some of the content these blogs have posted in the past.


This website is an online publishing firm located in San Jose, USA. The platform engages different writers who provide about 18 articles weekly to its ever-growing readership.

Its articles cover multiple fields such as science, technology, health, etc. In addition, MakeAnAppLike has created several articles relating to blockchain gaming and the metaverse. Consider these two articles.

Game development stages

This topic explains the vital stages of developing blockchain games or metaverse platforms. It mentions the following stages:

  1. Planning stage
  2. Preparation stage
  3. Production stage
  4. Testing 
  5. Deployment 
  6. Release.

Top 10 Web3 Crypto projects to Buy or Invest.

MakeAnAppLike points to these 10 projects and their utility tokens:

  • Cosmos
  • Ethereum
  • Arweave
  • Kusama
  • Flux
  • Uniswap
  • NFT
  • Deeper Network
  • Helium
  • Filecoin

Crypto News

This blockchain gaming blog is based in Nassau, Bahamas. It enjoys the support of Antanas Guoga, an entrepreneur and a former member of the European Parliament.

Crypto news provides readers with opinions, reviews, and guides on blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Here are two of its posts related to blockchain gaming:

Top Metaverse Games

On August 20 2022, Crypto News blog published this post and highlighted Decentraland, The Sandbox, and Axie Infinity as the three most popular metaverse games. Additionally, it discusses that Illuvium and Lost are upcoming blockchain games that enthusiasts should try playing.

This article explains what Sports NFTs are and why they might be valuable digital items. Crypto News mentions Sosare, NBA Top Shot, UFC Strike, and NFL All Day as the top brands promoting and selling Sport NFTs.

What is more, Sport NFT owners can trade the items on secondary markets like Opensea, Autograph, and Rarible.


Cointelegraph is a blockchain gaming blog and a crypto news website founded in 2013. The company is located in New York, USA. However, it has a global team delivering up-to-date blockchain technology information. Readers can access articles on CoinTelegraph in ten languages.

CoinTelegraph believes in decentralized finance and hopes to see it becomes the primary form of transactions, even for mainstream payments. Moreover, the company believes that virtual reality, nanotech, and artificial intelligence will help bring the metaverse to reality.

Jay Cassano, an investigative journalist, is the CEO of CoinTelegraph. Meanwhile, the platform has an editor-in-chief, a creative director, and more professionals managing its write-ups. Furthermore, CoinTelegraph has a team of over 20 writers.


Sandstorm Media Inc is an NFT platform and a blockchain gaming blog located in the metaverse. In 2021, Steve McGarry founded Sandstorm to connect the best metaverse builders with top brands.

Our blog section provides unique and accurate articles about blockchain gaming, the metaverse, and the blockchain. Consider two of our recent articles:

What is an NFT marketplace?

This article explains that an NFT marketplace is a secure platform where you can trade non-fungible tokens without centralized control and with less risk of fraud. Additionally, it mentioned Opensea, Rarible, and Nifty Gateway as examples of universal marketplaces.

Haptic Tech: Touch and Feel in The Metaverse

Why do we need to feel what we do in the metaverse? This article explains why haptic technology is vital in virtual worlds. Moreover, it mentions companies building gadgets that will help us feel whatever we are doing in the metaverse in real life.


Coindesk, a news site based in New York, USA, writes about blockchain games and digital currencies like Bitcoin. Shakil Khan founded the firm and began publishing in 2013.

Currently, Coindesk boasts over 13 million monthly readers from all over the world and over 50 crypto journalists. Interestingly, the platform makes its content more appealing by creating a TV studio that broadcasts live content daily and weekly. Consider one of the intriguing articles by Coindesk:

Are NFTs Rendering Artworks Meaningless?

This article notes that the NFT bull cycle influenced artists to produce NFTs on a large scale for financial benefits. Unfortunately, the oversaturation of these non-fungible tokens has become a threat to the value of NFTs. Therefore, it offers a viable solution stating that artists should produce NFTs that capture human emotions, captivate collectors and will retain their value over time.


Coinmarketcap, a crypto-ranking platform based in Delaware, USA, was founded by Brandon Chez in 2013. Since its launch, Coinmarketcap has become among the most trusted websites providing accurate data about thousands of cryptocurrencies.

Also, it functions as a blockchain gaming blog, producing articles related to the play-to-earn and metaverse industry. Recently, it also started publishing online podcasts and online conferences.

Meanwhile, here is one of the blockchain gaming articles on Coinmarketcap:

Top 5 play-to-earn blockchain games you can play on mobile

This article states five popular play-to-earn games that reward users with real money in the form of crypto or non-fungible tokens.

  • Axie Infinity: here, you can earn by breeding axies and using them to battle
  • Sorare: In this football card game, you can earn crypto by increasing your card’s value and obtaining rewards from new cards.
  • My Crypto Heroes: the game offers rewards in the form of rare gems to players who complete quests.
  • Blockchain Cuties Battle: players use cuties (in-game characters) that they can collect and trade to battle with other players.
  • Lordless: in this game, you earn by completing quests, trading NFTs, and claiming airdrops. 


Blockchain gaming blogs deliver timely and concise information regarding games you can play to earn real money. 

Sandstorm, amongst others, will also do its part to enlighten new and old-time crypto fans with the latest trends in the blockchain gaming world.