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We’ve Acquired Kissmetrics To Bring Legendary Analytics Into Gaming / Sandstorm V2 is LIVE!

Today, after a year of development, we’re excited to announce the launch of Sandstorm V2.0 with all-new gaming analytics integrated. Not only do we have a new look and feel to the platform, but we have done something much bigger. Last year, Sandstorm quietly acquired the award-winning analytics company Kissmetrics and our team has spent the last 8 months reconfiguring the human behavior technology to bring it into gaming via our infrastructure platform.  This acquisition was not only a massive move for our business but a leap forward for the entire web2/web3 gaming industry. This award-winning technology has never been used in gaming so we’re super excited to share it with our game developer community today!

Why is this a big deal?
Every year brands spend $50 billion on social media to reach consumers and only $10 billion on gaming. However, consumers spend the same amount of time every week (12 hours) on both gaming platforms and social media. So… Why is there a $40 billion gap in what brands spend each year to acquire the attention of consumers? 

The answer is there has never been TRACKABLE ROI IN GAMING. Whereas, with social media, if a business invests $1 into any platform they know exactly what the ROI is across any platform through powerful attribution. We are here to change that.

Sandstorm has been dominating this $40 billion gap for 2 years now. Our mission since our launch in 2021 has been to build powerful tools that empower game developers to grow their businesses. Now with our V2 release game developers can confidently show the ROI of their games to brands, investors, sponsors, influencers, fellow team members, cats, dogs, and beyond.

What does this mean for game developers?
For the first time game developers have one easy-to-use platform where they can deeply track their game experiences with legendary accuracy. In addition to tracking player behavior, indie developers can develop in-game assets on our talent marketplace based on data, and supercharge their businesses with provable game ROI faster than ever. 

Here are the 4 key functionalities of Sandstorm’s Infrastructure Platform for developers in Q1 2024:

  1. New award-winning reports and behavioral analytics 
  2. User-generated game content with our contest and talent marketplace
  3. Affordable server hosting for live streams and virtual events
  4. Promotion of new games and assets with one of the world’s largest game developer communities

By bringing this groundbreaking new technology into gaming for both web2 and web3 game developers, based on customer feedback over the last year, we’re hyper-focused on helping developers save money.  Immediately when developers start integrating Sandstorm’s infrastructure, they can unsubscribe from pricy email providers like Mailchimp, server hosting providers like Bluehost or HostGator, and ultimately unsubscribe from their non-gaming analytics providers like Mixpanel or Amplitude.

This cost savings for game developers is massive.

We’ve found that Sandstorm PRO customers can save an average of $1,200 every month by replacing subscriptions to server hosting, analytics, and email tools with our all-in-one platform. We are already fundamentally helping game developers increase their game revenue, and decrease their monthly subscription expenses!

To learn more about the platform check out all our docs HERE

Sign up for a 14-day trial today HERE and book a demo HERE to see Sandstorm V2 in action!