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Building metaverse experiences in TCG world

TCG World is an immersive open world that allows players to play and create gaming experiences, hunt collectibles, manage online businesses, build virtual real estate, etc. Players can own virtual goods such as pets, trophies, vehicles, and avatars. 

This virtual world is decentralized and it uses smart contracts to process transactions. Therefore, it ensures that transactions between buyers and sellers are automatic. Smart contracts also keep funds in a secured escrow account.

For instance, when conducting a transaction, the smart contract will hold a buyer’s funds until the transaction concludes. Afterward, it releases the money once there is an agreement between the buyer and seller, and this helps to protect users’ funds, ensuring that all transactions are verified.

Since TCG world was created for everything fun, its developers intend to host collectible card tournaments in the future. The tournament’s name is the platform’s original name, TCG (Trading Card Game), and will take place in the platform’s official metaverse stadium. 

How TCG works

As a metaverse project, TCG world allows users from every country to connect to the web and engage in different activities. While some users find trading and socializing interesting, others might focus on gaming entertainment. Whatever users wish to do in this virtual world, the possibilities are endless. 

Virtual lands are known as land plots in TCG World, and they form the most integral part of this metaverse platform. There are two types of land plots that come in multiple sizes.

The first types of land plots are the regional plots. Users can buy any of these land pieces spread across four regions. The regions are east, north, Asia, and forest. 

Players interested in mining crystals should consider buying plots in the northern region. The eastern plot hosts rare creatures and artifacts. For those who wish to catch even more creatures, the Asia plot is their right choice. The fourth type of regional plot is the forest plot and tamed creatures grow faster on these plots.

Meanwhile, the second type of land plot is the farming plot. In this farming plot, players can farm TCG world’s cryptocurrency, known as TCG coins 2.0. There is a maximum supply of 10,000 land plots. Like Decentraland and The Sandbox, land owners can develop their properties for commercial use.

Purpose of TCG world

Business and Advertisement

Users can kick off their metaverse business on TCG World. This virtual world allows you to turn a metaverse experience into a business enterprise creatively. Business owners would have to obtain a business license before operating fully and before they can advertise their business to the TCG community. 

Entertainment and artistic creativity

As mentioned earlier, entertainment is one of the primary purposes of TCG World. There are varieties of games for exploration. You may choose to play these games or create your own gaming experience. Moreover, you can earn crypto rewards by spending quality time playing games and challenges across the TCG world. 


Besides entertainment, TCG world is also a suitable platform for virtual socialization. Its developers plan to unite players from around the world so they can interact, make new friends, and exchange gaming experiences on a central platform.


TCG runs on a network of infrastructures that are accessible via the internet. The ecosystem comprises a gaming platform with smart contract functionality. Also, it features a marketplace where players can buy and sell trading cards or other virtual goods.

Game content

TCG developers aim to achieve a photo-realistic gaming world that looks like a natural environment. Accordingly, TCG World contains landscapes such as mountains and valleys, biotic factors such as flora and fauna, and building structures.

Although navigating through the landscape is fun, training and trading creatures are equally important. As players explore the TCG metaverse, they will encounter AI-powered creatures. These creatures occupy multiple regions of the wild. However, players can tame them and relocate them to their land plots. 

When you capture a creature, you can train it and help it evolve. Subsequently, you can use this creature to battle with other players in any of the small arenas that are spread across several locations on the map.

Who created TCG World? 

David Evans, an AI specialist, is the brain behind TCG World and the project’s CEO. Behind him are three other team members, including Stepan Sidorov, who helped to actualize the metaverse project. Stepan is the CEO of Matrix Creators and acts as the CTO of TCG world. 


Ja Rule

Celebrities like Ja Rule have recently shown interest in building immersive metaverse experiences on TCG World. Ja Rule, a U.S.-based rapper, announced that he intends to launch an experience named ‘Rule York City’ in TCG World. The rapper plans to use Rule York City to connect better with fans and host live metaverse events.


In October 2022, TCG world announced its plans to partner with Sandstorm, hoping that the partnership would help it grow faster. Sandstorm is a metaverse-building agency that connects brands to talented metaverse creators that can build immersive gaming experiences.

Working with Sandstorm will help TCG World developers to fine-tune the virtual world rapidly. Moreover, this would help brands entering TCG World find talented metaverse builders they can work with. 

Other brands partnering with TCG World include NFtb, Crypto Mom, Whitebit, etc.


TCG world is one of the newest virtual worlds built on a blockchain network. It allows individuals and brands to build metaverse experiences while offering quality screen time and play-to-earn opportunities to game enthusiasts. Gaming activities in TCG World can include capturing creatures, taming them, and battling with other players.