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Today we’re excited to announce the official beta launch of our PRO and AGENCY subscription plans to enable traditional firms the ability to offer 3D, AR, and VR to their clients. These have been in development for over 6 months and our team is honored to push 3D, AR, and VR construction beyond what was previously possible.

View our new plans HERE

Over the last 90 days, we’ve 3X’d our virtual world partners from 5 to 14 open worlds in preparation for today’s launch.

Not only do these virtual world partnerships empower thousands of builders to cross-world create, but this paves a new way for web2 agencies to leverage the functionality of these worlds with accurate market data. As the largest marketplace for 3D construction now spanning across 14 open worlds, we’ve become the central hub for key marketplace insights, pricing data, asset analytics, and much more to empower agencies of all sizes.

In December of 2022, we crossed 500,000 builders in our overall community and 3,000 verified builders on the marketplace. Since then, we’ve onboarded hundreds of new award-winning studios from The Sandbox Creator Fund and onboarded agencies as large as the $30 billion consulting firm KPMG to leverage our marketplace.

Our world partners now include The Sandbox, Decentraland, Spatial, Immersed, TCG World, SPACE, PAX World, Nifty Island, ETH Towers, SuperWorld, AnotherTown, W3RLDS, Shibaverse, and Aftermath Island. By supporting the construction across all these worlds with thousands of verified builders and studios, demand has skyrocketed from hundreds of agencies globally.

Today’s expansion into offering marketplace insights, key pricing data, deep analytics, live stream hosting servers, and more to empower brands via agencies, marks a monumental leap forward for the open metaverse.

The primary goal of our new agency dashboard is to enable traditional web2 firms to offer 3D, AR, and VR experiences to their clients with on-demand builders. This dashboard now answers vital questions for agencies and brands like:

What does it cost to build 3D, AR, or VR experiences?
Which virtual world should we build in?
What functionality is possible in these worlds?
How can we package this and pitch it to our clients?
What is the ROI of 3D assets?
Where can I promote my branded virtual experiences or assets?

These fundamental questions have prevented thousands of brands and agencies from entering the virtual world over the last 2 years. Today, an all-in-one dashboard answers all these questions and more.

A few of the exclusive features just released:

  1. Live stream hosting servers for multiple virtual worlds
  2. Exclusive pricing data, deep analytics, and market insights
  3. AR, VR, and 3D private label reporting for clients
  4. Access to the top 1% of curated studios
  5. Discounts on all marketplace fees
  6. Pre-packaged builds and templates
  7. Dedicated account managers to help end-to-end
  8. Profile and asset analytics
  9. Promotion of assets and profiles and much more

By providing a deep view into the virtual world construction market to partnered agencies, SandStorm believes offering this will fundamentally change the trajectory of the web3 open metaverse. Trust is the bedrock of any new emerging market and this key data aims to help establish more trust between web2 agencies and web3 creators.

With hundreds of brands onboard and over 500,000 creators in the community, this beta will absorb an immense amount of data this year across. As a community-driven organization, we plan to offer everyone 2 week free trials for both PRO plan users and AGENCY plan users, in exchange for feedback on the new dashboard.

Learn more about our PRO and AGENCY plans HERE

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