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Metaverse for Beginners: What is Somnium Space

Somnium Space is a virtual reality play-to-earn gaming platform. Like most play-to-earn games, Somnium employs blockchain technology for its virtual reality space. So, players can make money while having fun.

Somnium Space provides a virtual reality metaverse where players can also be developers. By buying land parcels, players can build virtual experiences. Thus, you can create a world for players to explore while playing games or navigating the creative ideas of other players alike.

The framework of Blockchain technology prioritizes the security of contents and the authenticity of its origin. Consequently, Somnium is a blockchain VR metaverse built with a proven and secure standard.

The project provides SDK, Builder, and other creative tools for players who wish to design structures on their land parcels. Meanwhile, Land parcels and in-game items in Somnium are tradable on decentralized NFT marketplaces. After purchasing an in-game item, a smart contract transfers the asset from the seller’s wallet to the buyer’s wallet. Accordingly, whatever game item you are buying becomes your own.

Somnium uses cross-platform virtual reality clients for its game. Their clients include Microsoft, Oculus, VIVE, STEAM, and major AR headset producers. Thus, players can access Somnium Space on PC and VR headsets.

Somnium Space NFTs

As an open-source metaverse, Somnium space allows its community to shape its world. Building a blockchain-based virtual world requires the use of NFTs. The two primary forms of non-fungible tokens on Somnium Space are Land Parcels and Avatars.

Land Parcels

Land parcels are Somnium real estate properties where players can build houses, supermarkets, concert centers, etc. To start building, users have to buy at least one of these land parcels on an NFT marketplace. At launch, Somnium conducted Initial land Offerings where its platform stakeholders were able to purchase land parcels. Currently, their lands are available for sale on OpenSea.

Somnium space categorizes land parcels into four sizes. There are small-sized (S), medium (M), large (L), and extra-large (XL) sized lands. Buyers will find the description and properties of each land parcel on the buy page. In addition, players can buy land using a credit card. Visit the Somnium website and click on Marketplace. Then, enter the land parcel number or item link in the tab at the top of the page, and click “Buy with a credit card.”


Avatars are another form of NFTs that are integral to Somnium Space. With the introduction of avatar tokenization, Somnium Space expanded its game’s economy. Avatars are the virtual humans that live in the metaverse. A fantastic feature of avatars is that you can use your picture to mint an avatar that resembles you.

Avatars become your rightful property after minting or buying them from other players on Somnium. Meanwhile, many find avatars necessary because playing a game that includes your avatar on a VR headset produces one of the best metaverse experiences. Moreso, avatars are compatible with other metaverse worlds outside Somnium.

Apart from Land parcels and avatars, there are needs for other in-game properties. Accordingly, Somnium Space provides different forms of NFT collections for use in their game. For instance, Kayak is a limited edition VR boat for gliding through waters in the Somnium world. Similarly, there are human-frog hybrid collections, penguins, robots, etc.

Somnium Space Marketplace

Players can sell their land parcels at a higher price after building and customizing them into a beautiful arena. To get this done, visit Somnium Space marketplace and list your properties. It is also possible to buy avatars from other players on this Marketplace. The buyer retains all the rights to the item once the transaction is complete.

Tokenized avatars and other NFTs you use on Somnium space are also compatible with other metaverse platforms. Hence, players can always sell their in-game assets at higher prices on NFT marketplaces outside Somnium.

Somnium Space Utility Token

The native utility token of Somnium Space is CUBE. CUBE is an Ethereum-based token available on the Uniswap decentralized exchange. According to the Somnium Space team, only 100 million CUBEs will exist. 12.5 million CUBE tokens are currently in circulation out of the maximum supply. CUBE had a market cap of $47.8 million during this write-up. Furthermore, almost 4,000 Ethereum addresses hold CUBE tokens.

Somnium’s economy thrives not only on the tokenization of virtual land. The platform also generates revenue through digital assets and experiences. Players can develop or purchase creations and monetize them. Similarly, there is enough fun for thousands of players in the stunning and ever-changing virtual reality Somnium provides.

CUBE token serves as a currency with which consumers pay for value. Players need to drop CUBE tokens when entering an arcade on Somnium Space. User-generated areas like amusement parks, museums, and concerts can sell entry tickets to avatars. In like manner, racing games and teleporters can charge CUBE tokens from players.

Among other purposes, CUBE also serves as a medium of exchange on the Somnium marketplace. The CUBE token in a buyer’s wallet is sent to the seller’s wallet in exchange for an asset.

Scalability of the game

No doubt, CUBE is of intrinsic value to the Somnium Space economy. However, the gas fee on the Ethereum blockchain could become very high due to network jams. A high gas fee increases the cost players incur when making payments. As a result, Somnium Space is looking to diversify and expand to another blockchain network.

Polygon network is a Layer 2 blockchain that offers higher security, more extensive usability, and a low gas fee. The cost per transaction on the Polygon network is as low as $0.1 – $0.5. Meanwhile, the Somnium team is working to utilize their integration with Polygon in the best possible way. Namely, thousands of avatars will be able to process free NFT exchanges within Somnium Space.  

Player Levels on Somnium Space

Somnium Space intends its builders, players, and consumers to dedicate some time to gameplay. Hence the introduction of Karma levels. Karma level refers to the social ratings of a player within the Somnium Space world. The platform will calculate your Karma levels by combining the following factors:

  • An important factor is your social status among other players. Determining your social status will require rating from other players. Accordingly, players with a high Karma level can boost your Karma when they rate you. So, ensure you remain friendly amongst players!
  • In like manner, your engagement in the metaverse space. How long you play, land ownership, and active economic transactions can help boost your Kama level.
  • Having a building project on the land parcel and organizing and attending events will also influence your Karma.

In time, Somnium Space players will begin to earn CUBE tokens based on their Karma level. This development will spur players to be of rich addition to the reality of Somnium Space. 

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