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Metaverse for Beginners: Discover the facts about Highstreet

Highstreet is a combination of a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) and a decentralized metaverse. Here, users and brands can build their presence in the Highstreet virtual world. Highstreet world is an open-world metaverse that allows users to engage in social activities, interact with friends, complete gaming quests, and go shopping.

LumiereVR, a computer vision company cofounded by Travis Woo and Jenny Guo, rebranded Highstreet into the metaverse world it is today. The team built this metaverse platform with VR compatibility. Moreso, it is powered by a native cryptocurrency known as HIGH.

Highstreet aims to thin the borderline between the real and virtual worlds. How so? It ensures that all its digital items have a corresponding representation in the real world. Thereby taking retail experiences to a new level by making it easy, secure, and entertaining to make online purchases. Also, the project incorporated virtual reality both to attract users and to maximize retail experiences.

Highstreet aims to transform e-commerce within metaverse and web3. It will achieve this by tokenizing the products of other brands into physical (physical and digital) items. It developed a merchant portal on Metaplex, a collection of tools and smart contracts. Metaplex makes it easy for brands (both established and new) to set up their virtual products in the metaverse.

By creating a limited marketplace, Highstreet also makes it easy for brands to access the metaverse and display their products. Thus, these brands can offer a limited edition of their products and increase the supply as demand grows. Startups and established brands can seize the opportunity to add their products to the game.

What is Highstreet world?

This is a gaming region established in the Highstreet e-commerce system. This region was built using computer-based hexagonal tiles that span its entire map. Also, the region was created with other brands in mind, providing a suitable ground for brands to show their presence in e-commerce. Some commercial regions in Highstreet world include AVAX Alps, Binance Beach, and Animoca Archipelago.

Players can upgrade their level and class in Highstreet world by completing quests. They may use the initial home offerings if they wish to acquire properties. Afterward, they can enjoy an immersive experience by viewing their new home with VR headsets. Like a physical house, players can decorate their virtual home, stream videos, spend time with friends, etc.

More importantly, the Highstreet metaverse creates an opportunity for homeowners to earn income. One such way is that homeowners get a share of 3% of all fees paid for transactions within their region.

VR compatibility

Highstreet creators aim to design a virtual world that delivers full immersion. Hence, they partnered with top VR companies that make matured VR available. Here are some factors that the team considered before attempting to make the game compatible with VR:

Personal embodiment: this feature captures the body movement of users within the Highstreet virtual world.

Socials: Highstreet was built using the Unity multiplayer engine, which enables VR compatibility and social features. Also, its engine has a multiplayer hosting service, and it coordinates players’ body movements using large amounts of data. 

Highstreet components

Highstreet lands

Lands within Highstreet metaverse comes in different categories. While some come in single hexes and 10-hex zones, others come in 50-hex regions as well as 150-Hex megaplexes. Land builders are available to help brands develop in-game facilities. Such facilities might include shops, clubs, homes, experiences, etc.

Solarium homes

On April 8, homeowners at Solarium moved into Highstreet city. Solarium homes intend to provide players with a luxurious metaverse lifestyle. Therefore, users can showcase items, rest, decorate and earn income in their new virtual home.

Meanwhile, players who don’t own a home can still participate in the experience. Such users can browse a list of open homes and visit such homes. They are free to use their host’s furniture and other assets.

Highstreet Campus

This is a central point where the most interaction occurs in the Highstreet world. It was launched in October 2022 and currently serves as a point where users can try out new features before implementing them into the rest of the metaverse. Moreover, the Highstreet campus contains some must-visit locations, including:

  • The FOMO Duck shop: this virtual outlet contains a wide variety of physical merchandise. Also, it helps the project developers validate and test on-chain to off-chain e-commerce sales.
  • A virtual wine store: Chateau Canard is a store in the Highstreet metaverse where its users and community members can buy and redeem physical wine.
  • Quack café: is a spot where players’ avatars can quench their thirst. Drinks like cappuccinos, lattes, bubble teas, and more are available just as you have them in a real bar.

Other notable locations within the Highstreet Campus include the main stage, co-working lounge, guest service, boost platform, and incubating room.

Animoca Archipelago partners with Layer Zero

Animoca Archipelago, one of Highstreet’s commercial regions, recently partnered with Layer Zero. Layer Zero is an interoperable protocol that allows dApps to run across multiple blockchains. The protocol carries out these activities permissionless, trustless, and efficiently. Hence, builders using the protocol can turn their dApps into on-chain applications using a single connection.

Highstreet and Layer Zero’s partnership will help builders migrate digital assets from other blockchain networks into the Highstreet metaverse. Similarly, it will help Highstreet achieve one of its primary aims: helping players experience meta-living in a multichain world.


Besides being a play-and-earn open world, Highstreet metaverse incorporates gaming, shopping, and other social activities. The project aims to give real utility to its products by turning them into in-game items.

Highstreet believes that the future of commerce and retail is entertainment. So, its metaverse will help brands showcase their products while providing consumers with a fun-filled metaverse environment to purchase digital or tangible goods.