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How Sky Mavis Plans to build Next-gen Web3 Games

Sky Mavis is a Blockchain game developing studio that creates decentralized applications and other services. Trung Nguyen, Aleksander Leonard Larsen, and Jeffrey Zirlin co-founded the company in April 2019.

Sky Mavis is the parent company of the beloved crypto game Axie Infinity. Also, the company created Ronin network, an Ethereum-linked sidechain for its Blockchain games. It designed the network to support the increasing demand for Axie Infinity, reduce its high gas fees and eliminate its slow settlement time. As a result, making Axie Infinity economically faster and more coherent.

Recently, Sky Mavis announced its plans to build the next generation of web3 games on its blockchain, Ronin network. Hence, it has invited several gaming studios, hoping to build new generations of smash-hit games. It planned to achieve this by taking full advantage of its product and experience. Thereby combining community asset ownership and immersive gaming.

While these gaming studios will offer their contributions, Sky Mavis will provide its resources and experiences. This will eventually create a robust ecosystem with several game types that appeal to different players.

So far, it has invited over 250 game studios and is highly selective with the procedure. Some areas of attention include gameplay, player economy, NFTs, tokenomics, etc.

What Sky Mavis expects from its partner developers

  • Studios whose principal purpose is to build the next generation games in web3 and are not scared of experimenting with games
  • Studios hell-bent on building  an excellent game that includes NFT ownership and other features that blockchain technology provides
  • Creators that believe they can make a game capable of gaining the attention of up to a billion users.
  • Developers that have previous experience in building successful games.
  • Studios that channel their resources into building successful web3 games.
  • Studios that have sufficient knowledge about web3 economies and technology in games.

Meanwhile, game studios will learn about further prerequisites from Sky Mavis.

What will Sky Mavis offer game studios?

  • Studios can gain access to comprehensive tools that benefit their developers and players
  • A white-glove environment to receive support from Sky Mavis’ user base, expertise, infrastructure, and distribution. Thus, helping these studios design quality games using their operating platform.
  • Option to use Axie IP or design new games with a different IP on the Ronin network.
  • Ability to integrate compatible elements of the Ronin network.
  • Opportunity for studios to host their NFTs on marketplaces created on the Ronin network
  • Freedom to use Katana Dex, Ronin’s decentralized exchange.

In addition, Sky Mavis intends to offer other benefits, which include finance, marketing devices, distribution media, advisory services, and community growth. The following are their details:


Sky Mavis has set aside $42 million in funds at present. More so, its balance shows that it has set aside another $10 million to invest in its ecosystem. All these are means to offer investment and grants to its selected partners.

Distribution media

Sky Mavis will use Mavis Hub as its distribution platform to allow players to access all games produced. Not to mention its social media platform, which can also engage and communicate with its over hundred thousand weekly users. Merely clicking a button can expose millions of players to these upcoming games.

At the same time, the company will partner with several mobile app stores where users can access Sky Mavis published games. Likewise, game developers can build Axie-related games using Axie Infinity IP. At the same time, they can decide to build their own game, which must be compatible with Axie Infinity NFTs. This move could expose the games to the Axie Infinity community, which consists of over 2 million individuals.

Advisory Service

Onboarded game developers can seek advice from Sky Mavis or Axie Infinity creators who are willing to offer white glove advisory services to the developers. Some of their advisory services will relate to web3 eSports, community, art, tokenomics structure, security, infrastructure, etc.

Community growth

Blockchain technology stakeholders can not overemphasize the importance of the community. This is because the community determines the success or failure of Blockchain projects. Axie Infinity has attained success due to the support of its ever-growing community. Therefore, Sky Mavis will give advice and insight to game developers regarding the need to engage its community.

Sky Mavis has created a unique game and infrastructure that have scaled through the odds. It has also built the Ronin network, a blockchain compatible with EVM, to a sustainable level.

The Ronin wallet

Sky Mavis digital wallet, the Ronin wallet, currently has over 4 million downloads. Also, the wallet has enabled millions of users to gain access to web3.

Mavis Hub

As earlier noted, the Mavis Hub serves as Sky Mavis’ distribution platform. Hence, it is the foremost destination for players, creators, and investors of digital content. Players will easily access all games within the Ronin ecosystem through Mavis Hub.

Katana Dex

This functions as Ronin’s decentralized exchange, where players can swap their digital assets. They can swap these assets at any time and location at low fees.

Axie Infinity’s integration with Binance

Ronin network is directly linked with Binance, the largest custodial exchange. Thus, it ensures sufficient liquidity for its tokens AXS and SLP.

Sky Mavis challenges

Presently, Axie Infinity is the only game that Sky Mavis has ever deployed. In March 2022, fraudsters hacked the Ronin bridge, Ronin network’s token bridge, and made away with $625 million. Three months later, Sky Mavis released another version of the Ronin bridge, claiming it delivers better security.

Closing remarks

Sky Mavis has experienced its ups and downs. Yet, it is not letting the storm of time keep it down. By inviting new studios and game creators to develop games in its ecosystem, Sky Mavis would further expand its Ronin network. It has put all mechanisms in place to help it achieve its aims. Lastly, this move will create a new generation of smash-hit games like Axie Infinity. 

To learn more about Sky Mavis’ plans, you may read further from the Sky Mavis Blogspot.