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How Much Does it Cost to Build in the Metaverse?

The metaverse, a virtual universe where users can interact with and create digital content, is gaining popularity rapidly. Due to its popularity, more people now want to build in the metaverse.

According to a report from Precedence Research, the metaverse is currently worth about $40 billion. The report further states that the metaverse will be worth over $1,607.12 billion by 2030. Understanding the current value of the metaverse can help us properly analyze how much it cost to build in the metaverse.

How much does it cost to build in the metaverse? The answer is not straightforward, as the cost of building in the metaverse can vary greatly depending on several factors. Our article will discuss factors determining the cost of building in the metaverse.

Factors That Determine the Cost of Building in the Metaverse

Several factors will determine the price of building in the metaverse. This section of our article will consider some of these factors. They include:


One of the most significant determinants of cost is the platform being used. There are several popular platforms for building and exploring the metaverse. Several popular platforms exist in this area, including Sansar, Second Life, and Roblox.

Each of these platforms has its own set of tools and features. As a result, the cost of building each can vary. For example, Second Life is a free platform but requires a monthly fee for virtual land. 

There are also additional costs for custom content. On the other hand, Roblox is a subscription-based platform that includes a range of tools and resources. These tools are necessary for building games and virtual experiences.


Another factor that can impact the cost of building in the metaverse is the content’s complexity. Austere virtual environments and characters are cheap to create. However, creating a complex virtual experience with detailed designs will cost more.  

For example, building a simple virtual environment might cost a few thousand dollars. In contrast, a large-scale game or simulation can cost thousands of dollars.

Cost of Tools

It is also essential to consider the cost of the tools and resources needed to create content in the metaverse. Developers must prepare to pay for software and hardware. They must also prepare to pay for additional assets such as 3D models and animations. 

The cost of these tools and resources will vary greatly. In some cases, the tools may be low-cost or free. However, others tools will require significant investment. 


The need for professional support can also impact the cost of building in the metaverse. For example, a project developer may not have any experience with 3D modeling or programming. In such cases, they must hire a professional to provide that service. 

The cost of this professional support will vary depending on several factors. Creators need to take into account the complexity of their projects. Additionally, the skills and experience of the professionals involved must be taken into account.

Long-Term Benefits

The potential long-term benefits of building in the metaverse are also worth considering. Consider the potential to earn revenue when considering the cost of building in the metaverse.

Advertising and sponsorship are common ways to generate revenue. Creators can also generate money through the sale of virtual goods and services. These potential benefits can offset the upfront cost of building in the metaverse. It can also help creators determine the long-term prospects of the project. 

How to Build in the Metaverse?

Estimating the cost of building in the metaverse is the first step in building a virtual experience. The next step is to build the experience. Assembling a group of reliable developers and content is crucial to achieving your goals.

The Sandstorm website allows brands to find the best virtual content creators. These builders will help project builders develop the best experiences in the metaverse. Leveraging the Sandstorm marketplace, developers can assemble a team of content creators within 48 hours. 

The Sandstorm marketplace offers diversity, with over 2000 content creators available in the talent pool. Sandstorm also provides a promotion page where builders can advertise completed projects. Project builders can leverage this tool to showcase their services to users of the metaverse.

After assembling your team, creators must determine if they wish to create their own metaverse. They can also join other metaverse platforms or adapt to other metaverses. Creating your metaverse is the most complex option.

Developers who wish to create their metaverse platform must program it with their goals in mind. Project builders who can not program need to hire a programmer. 

Next, ensure you develop your metaverse to reflect your business goals. Doing this will ensure that your metaverse will cater to the needs of your target audience. Project developers must also pay attention to the immersion levels of their metaverse.

There are different interfaces for achieving this process. Creators can use augmented reality, legacy gateways, and virtual reality. All of these tools provide different types of immersion experiences.

These tools also provide different integration layers. As a result, anyone with a different interface can join another solution. It is also possible for them to communicate together in one space or on one network. 

Developers who join an existing metaverse need to find one that meets their needs. After joining, they can buy properties in that virtual space and begin their projects. 

Developers who adapt their metaverse to an existing one can leverage open-source platforms to achieve their goals. Open-source platforms offer several tools that allow developers to adapt their metaverse.


In conclusion, the cost of building in the metaverse can vary greatly depending on the platform, the content’s complexity, and the tools and resources required. 

However, regardless of the cost, building in the metaverse provides an exciting opportunity for digital creators to push the limits of their imagination and build immersive and interactive experiences.

 Suppose you are interested in building in the metaverse. In that case, it is essential to carefully consider your budget and resources and seek professional support, if needed, to ensure a successful outcome.