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Blockchain Marketing On Twitter, Discord & Reddit

The world of blockchain and crypto has evolved a lot with many new and innovative projects being launched. The worldwide spending on the blockchain is expected to grow to a whopping $19 billion by the year 2024.

If you are planning to launch a blockchain startup, then having a community around your project will be necessary as it plays a vital role in the success and growth of this type of business. 

Since the space is expanding rapidly, your blockchain project needs to stand out from the rest. It will be important to choose the right platforms and marketing strategies and get people from the blockchain community talking about your idea.

Having a good understanding of your audience and a strong brand voice is crucial when building a community. 

While there are many ways to connect with your audience, we will focus on three major platforms that should be included in your marketing strategy to help you build traction and a community-first ethos for your project.

Whether you are planning to launch a decentralized blockchain platform, a cryptocurrency business, a Defi protocol, or an open-source project, you will need support from developers, investors, and consumers who believe in your vision.

Twitter, Reddit, and Discord are the perfect platforms to connect with the right audience for your project and build your community as they are the popular choice in the blockchain space.

Let’s take a look at each of these platforms individually to find out why they are important for your startup.


Twitter is one of the biggest social media platforms in the world and topics such as blockchain tech, crypto, NFTs, etc are all discussed heavily on this platform. Over the years, Twitter has become the place to be in order to keep yourself informed about news in the crypto space and therefore, gives you an opportunity to boost your marketing efforts. Additionally, there are many prominent investors present on the platform that could help you to raise funds for your project.

Marketing Strategies For Twitter

Taking Advantage Of Twitter Threads

Twitter threads help you to tell stories, share information, and create conversations with your audience. Threads are simply a series of connected tweets that let you surpass the character limit and share valuable knowledge on the platform.

You can use threads for educating your audience about blockchain tech, sharing highlights from your recent blog post, and sharing details about upcoming features, among other things.‍

How to create a Twitter thread that your audience will love:

  • Grab the reader’s attention in the first tweet to encourage them to continue reading.
  • Increase the shareability of your thread by including messaging that will resonate with your target audience.
  • Use storytelling techniques to keep your audience engaged until the last thread.
  • Experiment with your threads to see what is working for you. 

Publishing Memes

Memes have become the modern-day language of the internet. For a generation that is communicating more through memes and gifs than plain text messages, these pictures and videos are hands down the most effective way to engage with your followers. They are not just inside jokes; rather, they are an element of culture that can be used to convey ideas.

You can use memes for:

– Sharing information in a fun and catchy way.

– Giving your brand a personality.

– Increasing engagement and retweets.

– Staying relevant on current affairs.

When done right, memes act as a useful tool for reaching new audiences and give your brand a human element through humor.

Making Announcements & Sharing Updates

Twitter is the go-to platform for news and current affairs. With Twitter, you can share real-time announcements and updates on what is happening presently in your business and connected areas in order to increase your overall brand awareness. You should also share certain milestones related to your project or niche to keep your audience up-to-date.

Conducting AMAs & Polls

Conduct AMA sessions to create conversations with your audience—encourage people on the platform to ask questions on a certain topic and give your answers in real time. You could also collaborate with thought leaders and prominent personalities in the blockchain industry to answer some questions on your behalf. 

Conducting Twitter polls is another great way to get feedback and opinions from your audience. You can use Twitter polls to tease product ideas, better understand your audience, and even get post ideas from them. Polls are a fun way to ask interesting questions of your followers.  

Retweeting To Increase User Engagement

Retweeting posts from other Twitter users that are relevant to your audience is also part of an effective marketing strategy. Furthermore, you can utilize a lot of user-generated content by retweeting what your audience has shared about you or your niche. 

Also of note, retweets are directly linked to the engagement you will receive on Twitter; the more retweets your post gets, the better chance it has of going viral on Twitter.


Blockchain technology relies on the community to sustain it, thus, establishing a loyal following is very important. Discord is a voice and chats app that is free to use. It was initially designed for gamers and developers, but due to its unique features, it has become a trendy channel for hosting blockchain and crypto communities.

Communities on Discord are called “servers” and they can be subdivided into “channels”. These channels can be used to create subsections that allow for a more organized community experience.

One major advantage of Discord is that when someone joins your server they are going to talk specifically about you or ideas about your project.

Marketing Strategies For Discord

Creating Dedicated Channels

Channels are the most crucial part of a Discord server. You can create a text channel or a voice channel on a Discord server and group them into categories or make them private so that only selected members can access them based on their roles.

Popular Discord channels include FAQs, announcements, memes, rules, general, voice channels, etc.

Incentivizing Users To Provide Value In Your Server

Give rewards to users who are actively engaging in your community by offering them exclusive deals and discounts on your blockchain product or service.

In order to boost engagement on your server, you could gamify channels through bots and offer rewards to people for completing certain actions. 

Using Bots For Automation

The Discord platform has AI-powered intelligent bots that can help you to automate certain actions on your server. You can use these bots to send a personalized welcome message to each of your new members, generate customer support tickets, play music on the voice channel, and so much more.

Adding a Discord bot to your server is easy. You can find bots for your server on websites like,, and, among others. Once you find a bot that is suitable, you will need to invite it to your server and configure it as per your requirements. 

Assigning Roles To Community Members To Help Moderate The Server

On Discord, you can give special permission to your loyal community members to help you manage your server; they can control access to different channels or ban users who are not following the community rules, for example.

You can also set up bots that will prevent spam on your channels and automatically delete certain messages that go against your brand value.

Engaging With Users, Taking Feedback, & Conducting AMAs

Engagement is a necessary part of building a community around your blockchain business. You can use Discord channels to foster conversations, answer FAQs related to your niche, and gain feedback from your community members to improve your brand experience. Encourage your community members on Discord to post memes around your niche and you can then share them on your other social media platforms to increase levels of engagement across the board.

Using Your Server As A Customer Support Channel 

Discord is a useful platform for providing customer support to your users. You might want to use customer support bots and take help from the moderators in your community to listen to any problems your users / community members may have and provide solutions in real time.1l


Known as the front page of the internet, Reddit is a community-driven social news platform where people can hold discussions on Subreddits. Blockchain companies will use Reddit to search for specific topics, attract members, and increase traffic and brand exposure.

Reddit is among the most visited platforms by the crypto community. Leaders, developers, investors, fans, enthusiasts, and users of blockchain technology are constantly engaging in the subreddits. Users of Reddit actively moderate posts by upvoting and downvoting them. If you receive too many downvotes the posts will be hidden from other users.

Marketing Strategies For Reddit

Creating Subreddits

A subreddit is a space in Reddit where your community can follow you and discuss topics that are relevant to your business. You can use subreddits to engage with users by inviting your followers to share their point of view and create discussions on various topics. This approach is great for encouraging engagement and building relationships with your target audience.

Conducting AMAs

One of the core features of the Reddit platform is AMAs. This was originally introduced by Reddit and was later adopted by users on other platforms. Reddit is widely used by blockchain communities and allows you to engage with your community by encouraging members to ask questions about your idea, technology, and the team behind your product. 

Interacting With Users In Other Subreddits

Consistently interact with users in other subreddits that are relevant to your business. Focus on providing value in the comments and through the content that you post on these subreddits.

Each subreddit has a unique culture and follows a particular set of rules. Become a member of these subreddits and be sure to spend a good amount of time understanding the culture, then provide value accordingly.

Running Ads To Target Specific Communities

Audience targeting to run ads on Reddit is similar to other platforms, but Reddit provides one unique feature for targeting an audience; you are able to mention specific subreddits on which you want to show your ads. This will allow you to target communities on other subreddits that are relevant to your business.