Frequently Asked Questions


  • Q: What is SandStorm?
    A: SandStorm is the largest metaverse builder marketplace that spans across multiple virtual worlds. Brands can easily submit build proposals to the marketplace that builders can bid on. Simply put we are the construction market for the entire open metaverse.
  • Q: How do I sign up for the SandStorm platform?
    A: Click connect my wallet at the top right and signup with FACEBOOK, TWITTER, GMAIL, or MetaMask. Once you’ve signed up your wallet will sync with the marketplace and you can enter all your details under SETTINGS.
  • Q: How do I set up my builder profile?
    A: Under the dropdown at the top right of your screen go to settings where you can upload a profile pic, banner, your bio, and start the verification process. Make sure you maintain your profile on a regular basis!
  • Q: How do I get verified?
    A: To get builder certified, from your profile you’ll see a progress bar. This is where you can go through the entire onboarding process. There is a simple form where you complete the creation of a couple basic metaverse assets. Once thats completed, reviewed, and certified, you will be able to upload assets onto your profile.
  • Q: What is level 2 verification?
    A: Being builder certified enables builders to upload and showcase their work but in order to get PAID and BID on work we’ve partnered with BLOCKPASS for builders to verify their profile. This is required to get payouts from brands as it builds trust on both sides of the marketplace long-term. To bid on work and build your business on the marketplace long-term, all builders need to go through the 5 minute level 2 verification.
  • Q: How do I submit bids on proposals?
    A: Once you’ve taken the 5 minutes to go through level 2 verification and you receive your purple LEVEL 2 VERIFIED BADGE, you’re ready to submit BIDs on build proposals alongside the top 1% of all metaverse builders! Simply go to view build proposals HERE and submit a description, deadline, and amount you wish to be paid for the build and press submit. Brands will review all build proposals from verified builders based on their reviews, skills, and maintained SandStorm portfolio. Outside links or portfolios are NOT allowed for security so all bids accepted are based on the work displayed on builders profiles.
  • Q: How do I enter the builder contests?
    A: All submissions for our weekly and monthly builder contests with virtual world partners require a level 2 verified profile. Each week we deploy builder contests with our partners on the marketplace where builders can submit their creations, vote on others, and ultimately win thousands in prizes. These contests help builders fill out and maintain their SandStorm portfolios and improve their cross-world skills. Join Discord to stay up to date on all our weekly contests.
  • Q: How do I see the assets I’ve uploaded on my profile?
    A: At the top right click your profile and under “created,” “on sale,” or “my collections” to view all the assets
  • Q: Can I bring my studio clients over to SandStorm and use it as a tool for managing projects?
    A: YES! we’ve seen dozens of studios express interest in bringing clients over to the marketplace. Once level 2 verified your studio can submit PRIVATE build proposals to INVITE on-demand builders for big clients your studio takes on. PRIVATE proposals are not publicly shared on the marketplace and allow your studio to privately invite the best builders as needed. Building a business on SandStorm through reviews and completed jobs is how brands will be able to verify you are the best!
  • Q: What happens if my bid is accepted by the brand?
    A: CONGRATS! If your bid is accepted by a brand you will be looped into a TEAM direct message on the marketplace with one of our project managers to help complete the build. Once the assets are completed, the brand approves with up to 2 revisions, you’ll review the entire experience on the brand’s profile and the brand will review your skills. These reviews will bring you to the TOP of the list when bidding on future proposals.
  • Q: What file formats does the platform support?
    A: Currently we support .vox, .vxm, vxr, .gltf, .zip with a max file size of Max 64mb
  • Q: Why would I use this platform over any other marketplace or social media site?
    A: Right now the marketplace acts as the LinkedIn for metaverse builders. Dozens of builders have been hired by brands based on their minted work already and we’re just getting started in 2022. Its important to know we’ve launched with FIVE virtual worlds and have dozens more coming in 2023. This is a marketplace is designed for the entire open metaverse. We aim to support builders with awesome tools and through providing jobs every week.
  • Q: How do I bid on a build proposal?
    A: After you’ve minted your best work on your SandStorm profile and have been level 2 verified, you’re ready to make a bid on brand’s build proposal! Under the VIEW BUILDS tab at the top of the platform you can see all the active, in progress, and completed builds. Simply click on an active “now hiring” build proposal and submit your detailed bid as a cover letter with the amount you’d like to accept for the work below. Once submitted the brands get a notification and you have a shot to get hired to build in the metaverse!
  • Q: Will multiple builders be included on a build proposal?
    A: YES! Build proposals can range from $1k to $100k depending on the scope of the work. In the case of full experiences up to 10 builders can be hired and looped into a group direct message on the platform. All hiring decisions are made 100% based on builder reviews, uploaded assets, and completed jobs on SandStorm profiles. No external links are allow on the marketplace for security and to make sure every builder has a fair shot at winning the bid.
  • Q: Can I upload my assets from The Sandbox creator fund on SandStorm?
    A: You can upload any assets you’ve created of course in the provided file formats BUT we recommend you create 100% exclusive assets to showcase your skills to brands on SandStorm.
  • Q: How do I upload the animations with the VOX files?
    A: Builders can upload ZIP or VXM files with a GIF or WEBP file as your cover photo to showcase your skills.
  • Q: What if I need different file formats?
    A: We are actively adding file formats as we launch with new virtual worlds but we recommend reaching out to the builders on the platform directly or via Discord. We’re here to connect brands and builders so its up to you to communicate with other users on the platform.

How To Enter the Metaverse

  • Q: How do I enter SandStorm’s social hub in the Sandbox?
    A: we have a step by step tutorial available:


  • Q: How do I buy land in the metaverse?
    A: tips on how to buy LAND in Sandbox
  • Q: Can I sell an assets on SandStorm?
    A: We DO NOT recommend builders attempt to sell assets on the marketplace but if you do want to you can set assets AS AUCTION. Here are a couple reasons we don’t recommend it.
    1. The marketplace is designed to provide a trust layer and establish the construction market
    2. The marketplace is designed to connect brands with builders and verify builders’ experience using blockchain tech
    3. The marketplace is designed to help builders grow their metaverse construction business
    4. The marketplace is NOT designed to be a place to buy and sell assets


  • Q: What are the fees on the SandStorm marketplace?
    A: In addition to Ethereum and Polygon gas fees, our platform has a service fees of 25% for build proposals to go live on the marketplace to brands and 2.5% for any items to builders.


  • Q: Is the SandStorm marketplace decentralized?
    A: In short, decentralization is a spectrum. We are a marketplace that facilitates transactions between brands and builders through 3rd party wallet extensions (MetaMask & Venly) We ARE NOT a broker, financial institution, or creditor. We DO NOT custody any user’s digital assets on the marketplace or hold any user’s private keys. All transactions are done via a smart contract between the brand and builder using 3rd party wallet extensions. All our users using self custody wallets in our opinion puts us on the decentralization spectrum. For more questions please read our Terms & Conditions and our Privacy Policy 
  • Q: Can users download my VOX files?
    A: Yes. Any files stored on IPFS can be downloaded.