Frequently Asked Questions


  • Q: How do I sign up for the SandStorm platform?
    A: Click connect my wallet at the top right and sync a Metamask wallet (download one here) Once you’ve sync’d your wallet enter your email and complete your entire profile under SETTINGS.
  • Q: How do I set up my builder profile?
    A: Click the top right where you synced your MetaMask wallet and select profile or settings to upload a profile pic, banner, your bio, and links to social media. Make sure you maintain your profile on a regular basis!
  • Q: How do I see the NFTs I’ve created on my profile?
    A: At the top right click your profile and under “created,” “on sale,” or “my collections” to view all the NFTs available from your MetaMask wallet.
  • Q: Can I bring my studio clients over to SandStorm and use it as a tool for managing projects?
    A: YES! we’ve seen dozens of studios express interest in bringing clients over to the platform. Building a business on SandStorm through reviews and completed jobs is how brands will be able to verify you are the best!
  • Q: What file formats does the platform support?
    A: Currently we support .vox, .vxm, vxr, .gltf, .zip with a max file size of Max 64mb
  • Q: Why would I use this platform over any other marketplace or social media site?
    A: Right now the platform acts as the LinkedIn for metaverse builders. Dozens of builders have been hired by brands based on their minted work already and we’re just getting started in 2022. Its important to know we’ve launched with The Sandbox and will be launching in a handful of top virtual worlds over coming months and years. This is a platform for the entire decentralized metaverse. If you want to get your 1 of 1 incredible builds in front of the largest brands globally this is the platform for you.
  • Q: How do I bid on a build proposal?
    A: After you’ve minted your best work on your SandStorm profile and have been level 2 verified, you’re ready to make a bid on brand’s build proposal! Under the VIEW BUILDS tab at the top of the platform you can see all the active, in progress, and completed builds. Simply click on an active “now hiring” build proposal and submit your detailed bid as a cover letter with the amount you’d like to accept for the work below. Once submitted the brands get a notification and you have a shot to get hired to build in the metaverse! 
  • Q: Will multiple builders be included on a build proposal?
    A: YES! Build proposals can range from $1k to $100k depending on the scope of the work. In the case of full experiences up to 10 builders can be hired and looped into a group direct message on the platform. All hiring decisions are made 100% based on builder reviews, minted assets, and completed jobs on their SandStorm profile. No external links are allow on the marketplace for security and to make sure every builder has a fair shot at winning the bid.
  • Q: Can I mint my assets from the Sandbox creator fund on SandStorm?
    A: You can mint any assets you’ve created of course in the provided file formats BUT we recommend you create 100% exclusive NFTs to showcase your skills to brands on SandStorm. 
  • Q: How do I mint the animations with the VOX files?
    A: We will have VOX visualizer this year but for now you can mint your ZIP or VXM files with a GIF file as your cover photo to showcase your skills.
  • Q: What if I need different file formats?
    A: We are actively adding file formats as we launch new virtual worlds but we recommend reaching out to the builders on the platform directly or via Discord. We’re here to connect brands and builders so its up to you to communicate with other users on the platform.

How To Enter the Metaverse

  • Q: How do I enter SandStorm’s social hub in the metaverse?
    A: we have a step by step tutorial available:
  • Q: How do I buy land in the metaverse?
    A: tips on how to buy LAND in Sandbox

How to Buy & Sell NFTs

  • Q: How do I sell an NFT on SandStorm?
    A: There are 3 ways to sell NFTs on SandStorm however we recommend listing for sale AS AUCTION;
    1. To mint your own NFT click “create” on the top navigation and following the inputs to mint on the Ethereum and Polygon blockchains

    2. List an NFT from your MetaMask wallet under “my collections” in the profile page
    3. Contact us to come on for a live SandStorm and share your NFT with the top brands

  •  Q: How do I buy an NFT on SandStorm?
    A: there are two ways to buy NFTs on SandStorm
    1. You can place a “bid” after going to the NFT of your choice
    2. We don’t recommend that builders list their assets for sale as BUY NOW until Sandbox minting is open publicly. Once Sandbox is open to public minting, you can “buy now” at a fixed purchase price.
  • Q: Can I purchase with a credit card?
    A: YES! Using our credit card partner you can purchase up to $500 per week using your credit card. Simply click your profile at the top right-hand corner and click “adds funds with visa”


  • Q: What are the fees on SandStorm?
    A: In addition to Ethereum and Polygon gas fees, our platform has a service fees of 25% for build proposals to go live on the marketplace to brands and 2.5% for sold items to builders.


  • Q: Is the SandStorm platform decentralized?
    A: In short, decentralization is a spectrum. We are a platform that facilitates transactions between a buyer and a seller through auctions using 3rd party wallet extensions (MetaMask) We ARE NOT a broker, financial institution, or creditor. We DO NOT custody any user’s NFTs or digital assets on the platform or hold any user’s private keys being bought and sold by users. All transactions are done via a smart contract between the buyer and seller using 3rd party wallet extensions. All our users using self custody wallets in our opinion puts us on the decentralization spectrum. For more questions please read our Terms & Conditions and our Privacy Policy 
  • Q: Can users download my VOX files?
    A: Yes. Any files stored on IPFS as NFTs including all the vox files on OpenSea can be downloaded. 

The Sandbox

  • Q: What is the Sandbox metaverse?
    A: Here is a quick overview of the Sandbox Metaverse: TL:DR it’s in alpha and not live fully yet.
  • Q: Can my NFTs be used in the Sandbox?
    A: In short, eventually YES, but you are EARLY. The Sandbox is in Alpha and pre-launch which means minting in-game assets currently requires being whitelisted and approved by their artists. By early 2023 the public will be able to mint assets via VoxEdit to be featured in The Sandbox game. All VOX assets on SandStorm are for builders to showcase their 1 of 1 assets to brands. We highly recommend creating custom assets to put on auction specifically for SandStorm’s platform. In addition to exposure to brands on the platform, we’re releasing a collection on the Sandbox Marketplace where we highlight featured builders from the SandStorm platform.
  • Q: Are my NFTs able to be listed on the Sandbox Marketplace?
    A: Sandbox has their own marketplace that allow whitelisted users to submit work for approval from an artist. Once the whitelisted users work is approved it can be listed on the Sandbox Marketplace with the attached rarities and gems. This is entirely external from our platform. SandStorm is where you can mint your files to showcase your work. We have our BUILDER HIGHLIGHTS collection on the Sandbox Marketplace where we feature the best builders showcasing their work on the beta platform which acts as a bridge between us. Mint great NFTs on the platform and stay engaged in the community for a chance to have your assets featured on our platform and Sandbox’s marketplace.
  • Q: How do I get featured in the BUILDER HIGHLIGHTS collection on the Sandbox Marketplace?
    A: In short, be a highly engaged builder on the beta platform and in the community. We have monthly builder contests to enter and winners of those contest are feature in our collection. We’re here to support builders of the metaverse and plan on having collections with the top virtual world marketplaces to help be the bridge for builders everywhere.


  • Q: Can my NFTs from SandStorm be used in Decentraland?
    A: Eventually YES. We will support glTF file formats (GL Transmission Format) which is the file format used for all NFTs in Decentraland. If an NFT is in Metamask you should be able to use it in each virtual world.