About Us

Since our launch in March 2022 at SXSW we’ve become the world’s largest community of over 500,000 metaverse creators and builders. Our marketplace of 2,000 verified builders is where brands can connect with the top metaverse builders across multiple virtual worlds. The process begins when an interested brand submits a build proposal to create everything from 3D metaverse assets to full experiences on owned or leased virtual land.

decentraland builders

How It Works

Once a brand’s build proposal is approved and goes live on the marketplace to 2,000 builders, brands can directly scout for builders in every specialty using a state of the art verification badge system. The marketplace allows talented creators to showcase their best work, bid on build proposals, and enables brands to hire on-demand. Depending on the size of the build, brands can hire multiple specialized builders to create a custom-build team. These decentralized teams can scale up to as large as 10 builders. The builders are all looped into a direct message portal on the marketplace, develop assets in requisite file formats, mint as non-fungible tokens, and our team helps facilitate the on-chain transfer for brands.

Decentralized Approach

Our first-of-its-kind decentralized approach to assemble build teams optimizes for skill and talent which provides the best possible outcome for brands. It can be analogized to building a dream home in the physical world, but instead of hiring one local real estate development firm, you can choose the best architect in Korea, the best roofer in London, and the best electrician in Canada. Now, operating in the virtual world, physical borders are removed which allows brands the flexibility to select builders based on their skills and portfolio of previous builds, regardless of where they’re based.

Why Education?

We’ve had a core emphasis on education and content from day one. Through this we’ve proven our ability to up-skill builders from The Sandbox’s metaverse to building with Blender in Decentraland’s metaverse and vice-versa. Through a dedicated approach to educational content, now brands are able to submit proposals to deploy assets in multiple worlds via our marketplace simultaneously. To continue this level of mainstream education, our production team produces five live streams per week, 7 weekly educational blogs, and hosts weekly builder competitions. These ingredients put together onboards dozens of new builders every day and reaches millions of people each month.

Cross-World Builds

In order to help create a truly open metaverse it all starts with supporting builders. We believe that through direct virtual world partnerships and daily educational content to up-skill builders towards creating cross-world is how the metaverse will achieve interoperability. If your brand wants to have assets created by the best builders deployed across multiple open metaverses, reach out to our team below!